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how do i get a refund on an easyjet flight????!?

Okay guys...

I booked an easyjet flight to nice to be a au pair... then 2 days later the girl rings to say no she doesnt need me anymore, but has left me with an 80 quid flight to nice?!... any ideas how i would get a refund from easyjet?? or could i ring my credit card and cancel payment??

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    Call Easyjet and see what they say, they'll check and tell you whether you have a refundable ticket. I doubt they will refund anything if it isn't, as it is a cheap no frills airline but you never know.

    How long ago did you buy your ticket? Calling your bank to cancel the payment would be of no use unless you paid for your ticket less than 24hrs ago as they money has already been banked by the airline (especially if the ticket was paid a few months ago). Good luck!

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    Call EasyJet, they should be able to help you refund your ticket unless the ticket is non-refundable. It is best to verify it directly with the airline.

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