toddler cut on gums?

ok so we was in the bedroom fixing up some of the Nursery items for the new baby when my 2yr old was playing she was in the room with me and she was grabing the wooden window ceil and pulling herself up and down having a ball (even tho i keep telling her no :( ) when she lost her balance b/c she wanted the kitty that passed by and hit the top of her mouth hard she started crying then i noticed she was bleeding....

i got a cool washcloth and wiped the blood and saw she busted the gums (the one where you pull your top lip back OUCH!) there like a hole:(

i gave her tyenol (infants dye free) and called her doc.. he said get to stop bleeding and just keep it clean...

thats all? and he failed to say how to clean it. and now he's off duty as i tried to call back.

can anyone please suggest how to clean it? or how to make it heal faster? she's cried her lil self to sleep in my arms i think i cried more then she did tho.:( i hate when she gets hurt:(



i figured ive done all i can i hate feeling helpless yea im going to have to try to avoid salty foods and such looks awful tho i panicked to this is the 1st major bobo and i never dreamed it come from pulling yourself up and down on a window ceil. im glad im not the only one that cried more i was about to say its my pregnancy hormones but i guess its b/c we love our children and hate them getting hurt. Thanks for answering:)

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    This happened to my daughter, I panicked and took her to the urgent care clinic. They did nothing except clean it with water. They told me to give her pain reliever and that it would heal by itself. It will be very sore for her for several days. You might have to watch what she eats so it won't bother her. I cried more than she did!

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    Toddler Gums Bleeding

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    Continue w/ the tylenol and rinse w/ water. The saliva produced my your mouth has a natural healing agent in it, thats why the Doc. didnt give any cleaning instruction s there really is no need. If you think about it when you bite your tounge or cheek it's usually healed within 48-72 hours don't stress, your little one will be fine. My 13 year old bit completely thru his bottom lip at 4 years old. Steer clear of any thing salty for the next couple of days. GOOD LUCK.

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    Aww...poor little thing!!

    I would just let her sleep for now, she's heeling herself. If she's still in lots of pain when she wakes up, you could maybe give her a really soft cloth, with really cold water on it to try to sooth it. You might even want to put a wet cloth in the freezer now ready. If it doesn't look much better in the morning, take her to the doc's. Or, if it gets really bad tonight, take her to emergency.

    You can't 'clean' it that well given where it's cut, but try to dab it with a really cold wet cloth, just gently, and do it over a few times if you have to, i.e., don't try to get it all at once if it bothers her.

    Good luck to you!!!

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    Ohh poor little baby!

    I would recommend cleaning it with an EXTREMELY weak form of salt water. I would put a teaspoon (or even less, make it so you hardly taste the salt)of salt in about 2 cups of water. Then take a syringe (the one you would use to give her medications) Then squirt that over her gums. It should help keep it clean.

    I would also avoid foods with acid for a few days until it is feeling better for her.

    Mouths heal very very fast, it should not be hurting her for long.

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    Little ones are always putting things in their mouths!! Perhaps she was teething and bit into something ... The fever would probably relate to the infection. No matter how clean your home is etc, little ones do find the strangest items!! I wouldn't take it personally ... some children are more prone to infection than others and this time around your little one got it. I am sure your doctor has prescribed something for her ... so all should be okay soon!

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