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paintball: what is ramping and rifling?

ive seen board upgrades for electronic marker that offer ramping- what is it and does it apply to my spyder fenix acs?

what is rifling? i think its something to do with the barrel.

what other technical terms should a newbie (like me) know?

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    I agree with everything the guy above said. Just want to mention rifling is the grooves in a barrel to make the ball spin. The spin helps it go farther, straighter. Like when you throw a football.

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    Shannon is right about the connection between rifling and accuracy: like in a real gun.

    Ramping, more defined, is where you can pull the trigger up to a certain BPS (balls per second) and then it automatically ramps up to a set BPS.

    Like you start shooting and when you hit 8bps, your gun starts firing 25bps (or whatever you set it too), although you are still pulling the trigger 8 times per second.

    There are certain limitations imposed on ramping in tournaments and fields. Sometimes you cant even use it. The PSP leagues rules will let you ramp when you hit 3bps, but a cap is not to exceed 15bps.

    About your Spyder, you may have different firing modes, but I am not sure as to if it ramps...most likely not. You would have to vuy an upgrade circut board.

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    i am an avid woodsball player myself but i think i can help you First things first

    BPS- balls per second(how many balls your gun is shooting)

    FPS- feet per second( how fast your balls are moving)

    Walking the trigger. You alternate your first and middle finger on your double trigger to shoot fast (basically when your not pulling the trigger with one trigger pull it with the other)

    Rifling - never heard of it sorry

    Ramping - You walk the trigger until it reaches a certain bps then you rhythmically tap the trigger instead of walking it and it stays at the same bps

    PS - Full Auto isnt allowed at most fields

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