Do I owe Illinois Department of Revenue money???

I just got a notification in the mail that my state tax forms were filed incorrectly. If I agree to the money due, I owe Illinois an additional $821.36 (which includes late payment and interest). But if I disagree, attach my W-2 as proof and send it in. However, I don't know if I'm right or wrong...

My W-2 form has $739.34 in box 17, called State Income Tax. Does that mean I owe them that money or are they wrong in making that change?

I don't understand taxes very well...there's gotta be a better system then this.

Thanks for your answers!

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    The amount in box 17 of your w-2 that says "state income tax" is the amount your employer withheld from you and remitted to the state on your behalf. When you file your Illinois return, if the amount of tax you calculate on your income is more than this amount, you owe the difference. If the amount in box 17 is more than your total tax, you are due a refund. Double check your tax return. It could either be 1-Your employer did not withhold enough and you owe $, 2-You had other income besides wages (like interest, dividends, etc) and owe tax on them, or 3-You may have simply forgotten to enclose your w-2 with your original tax return showing the withholding.

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    There is no way to tell if you are right or wrong from the info you provided.

    Box 17 on your w-2 is the amount your employer held out toward your taxes. Most likely they did not hold out enough.

    You probably owe the additional money, but take your copies of your tax return to a tax professional or an accountant and they can determine what you owe.

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