location of a child's camp?

me and my friend, are only 14, and we want to have a 4-hour for 5 days child's craft camp, ages 6-10. we don't where to have it though. my house is way to small, so is my friends. we thought it might be too unsafe to have it at the park, especially since these parents are trusting their kids with 14-year olds. we also tried to talk to our old elementary school to see if we could have it their, but we couldn't. where would be a cool, fun, safe, and affortable place to have this camp?

thanks for the help!

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    The problem with renting a space is that most places )schools, churches, community centre) will require you to have insurance.

    I think that you just have to use your yard and cut back on the number f kids, or go to the park and get a few more people to supervise.

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    Your house may be small, but how about your back yard? Or even in the front yard! That way your mess wont matter as much and you'll be able to get a taste of the sun and more exercise. I am proud that you have started this camp dedicating to children. Why dont the parents come with you at the park? Or even talk to a children's center to ask about good places to do this. Good lick! Er.. Luck!

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    You have a great idea, but I think by law to do this you need to have a adult or two involved. for liability reasons, Talk to some adults maybe they will even have some fun craft ideas to add see if you can get a few adults on board they will have a better chance finding a place safe for your craft camp.

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    how about your house and yard. limit it to 15-25 kids.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ask the community centre

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