ONJ!!! can you write a story using these Olivia Newton John titles/lyrics?? Just for fun,people!!!?

1) Must have died and gone to heaven

2) Please Mister please.

3) A million lights are dancing

4) Would a little more love make it right?

5) Let me hear your body talk.

6) Just touch my cheek before you leave me.

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    Dodge City, Kansas

    Circa 1876

    Festus,Doc and Matt were having dinner at Delmonicos.

    Festus:" I'm telling you this is the BEST catfish I've ever eaten! I (1) Must have died and gone to heaven."

    Matt smiled . Doc dropped his fork.

    Doc:"If you say that ONE MORE TIME, it's quite possible you'll be going there today!!!!"

    Festus:"Ya old scutter," he mumbled under his fishy breath.

    Matt smiled and motioned to the waiter....(2) Please Mister please, may I have my check?"

    Doc:"Where's Sunshine, Matt? Kicked you out already has she?!" Festus laughed........ and spit his bite of catfish into Doc's face,

    Doc:"That's it!! I'm out of here,too!! Leave the tab please.

    For ONCE in his life, Festus is going to pick it up!!!!" He wiped the remains of the fish off his face and stomped out.

    Matt decided to go on his rounds and then drop by the town Social Hall to see Sunshine and her band practicing. His last place to visit was the Long Branch Saloon, owned and operated by his old girlfriend, Kitty Russell. Kitty, miserable over their break up, could be found most days trying to drink her sorrows away.

    As Matt stood at the swinging doors, he saw Kitty on one of the tables, singing at the top of her lungs: (to the tune of "Jimmy Crack Corn")

    ♫ " Dillon's a cad and he don't care.

    Dillon's so bad and he don't care.

    Dillon's a cad and he don't care .

    He's acting like a moron ......."♫

    When the crowd saw Matt, a hush fell over the room. Kitty looked in his direction ........ "Well,well, well.......... Mr. Heartbreak himself." She started gyrating as she yelled out....... "(5) Let me hear your body talk, Matt! Know what MY body is saying??

    It's saying........ ♫ Daddy won't you please come home.♫" Just about that time, she lost her balance and fell on top of Two Faced Tommy Tolliver:


    Matt just shook his head and walked away. Kitty, trying desperately to disentangle herself from both of his faces, screamed, " (6) Just touch my cheek before you leave me, Matt."

    All Matt wanted was to be with his Sunny. It had been a long day and Kitty had caused him to get a migraine. He sat down in the Hall, rubbing his forehead. Sunshine MacGillicutty came over...."What's wrong, babe?"

    Matt:"Oh, that damn Kitty!! I feel like (3) A million lights are dancing in my head!!"

    Sunshine:"Another migraine, huh? " She started massaging his neck and shouders. She ran her fingers through his hair.

    Matt:"I love the way you love me, baby."

    Sunshine:"(4) Would a little more love make it right?" She gently kissed him on the neck.

    One of the members of her band , The Dodge Boys, shouted out:" Hey!! Before you two get carried away, let's finish up with that new song you're writing, Sunny?" Everyone had a laugh.

    Sunshine looked at Matt......... "As I am singing, I want to think about all the things that bring you peace and contentment, sweetheart."

    Matt looked at her with a tenderness that touched her very soul....... "I'll be thinking about you, then."


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    Linda additionally has a well voice, however many times I feel she is straining her vocal cords to get to a couple octaves, while, Olivia turns out to regularly have the octave variety in hand. To me, Olivia's voice simply turns out to drift with no trouble. Linda's voice is not fairly as soft and it is extra 'nasally'-sounding, relying on what track she's making a song. I like Olivia Newton John's voice bigger.

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    Please mister please..would a little more love make it right?! Just touch my cheek before you leave me..and let me hear your body talk!! (looks up into sky)..A million lights are dancing..i must've died and gone to heaven.

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    Clara, smiled up at him in her morning daze, and took in his tall muscular body, as he was dressing to go to work that morning. She stretched and coyly said,"(6) Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby." To which Marcus smiled and as he gently touched her cheek he planted a warm kiss on her swollen lips. "You're my angel of morning, babe", he whispered. "It breaks my heart to have to leave you lying here, but I have business to attend to".

    Clara giggled like a little girl, she loved having him treat her like his baby girl, so she teased, "(4)Would a little more love make it right?"

    As he looked down at her pink cheeks, while standing beside their bed, he couldn't help grinning like a hyena, "(1)I must have died and gone to heaven", he thought to himself; "How on earth I ended up with this angel who has the mind of a university professor when we have political debates, but the passion of a nymphomaniac when we enter our bedroom".

    He stood there uncertainly, fully aware that he was getting late to work, but feeling reluctant to leave this slice of heaven that was their bedroom.

    Sensing his hesitation, Clara teased further, with the comforting knowledge that Marcus owned the firm and noone could give him a hard time for running late, so she purred, "(2)Please Mister please. Stay a little longer, oh no, don't say anything, just (5)Let me hear your body talk".

    And talk his body did.

    As they united in the bliss of their passion, love and never-fully-satisfied hunger for eachother, they felt literally suspended in another realm where they were floating as one body fused together of two perfect specimens, amongst (3)a million lights dancing, around them.


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