What is the Mystery on the movie that has no name just the date made by J.J.Abrams?

I want to see your opinion on this mystery it came out in a trailer before the transformers movie

to see this trailer visit www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/11808

i know people also say the name may be cloverfield some even say if u get to figure out the title u get a million bucks ca$h..... also u get to name the movie and that is awesome

check it out and put ur opinion

check for hidden things like the devil.

ok thanks.

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    It's being produced by JJ Abrams and by the Paramount/Dreamworks team. It's slated for a January 2008 release but I have a feeling it's going to change. And for all the rumors about naming the film is just a publicity stunt. PPC and JJ Abrams are famous for it pulling crap like that. If anything, they are just a way for people talk about the movie. This movie has been in 'motion' since he finished MI3. As far as I know - a lot of that is internet rumors. There's a million questions already about this movie on Anwsers. Try doing a search for it. I know I've answered at least five of them. Also, try picking up a Hollywood Reporter and/or Variety. They have had several articles about since it's debut.

    Source(s): I work in the industry and I read the trades.
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    The mystery is not really the name, but what exactly is going on. The entire veil of "secrecy" surrounding the film is pure marketing. The less people know, the more interested they are in it. Also, check out 1-18-08.com or EthanHaasWasRight.com They are viral marketing sites associated with the film ( EthanHaasWasRight actually has some rather interesting puzzles to solve). As for what the film is about, well its a monster movie that is filmed from first person perspective a la The Blair Witch Project. Of course, there is bound to be more. As for the title, well, 1-18-08 could possibly be it, Cloverfield is just a code name, and a million dollars for guessing it...haha, yeah right.

    Also, everyone assumes that the film will come out on 1-18-08...wouldn't it be funny if that is just the date a new trailer drops? Hahahaha....okay, i sure hope not.

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