Why is it that men get away with not paying court ordered child support?

Why can't we, as the richest nation cannot have a system where with their driver's license they can be tracked, thrown in jail when they swipe their card for gas, or buying groceries for his new family? I JUST DON'T SEE WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT HERE , PEOPLE!! i t should be a no brainer, but i guess there are too many rich people out there who can line the right pockets to not get those necessary laws passed....IT SHOULD BE ABOUT THE CHILDREN....Not whether or not i hate my, ex..... duh, i divorced him...i sought help through Domestic Abuse, but he wasn't arrested when he stalked us, found out where we lived ....won't be arrested for his "other" problem, i cant speak about , but is illegal in all countries, & morally wrong on so many levels, but again, he'll get away with that as well.....anyway back to child support, we can run fingerprints through the police systems, why can't we add deadbeat parents to the list of scum_ _ _ _.....i just want justice for my son!!!

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