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Closed hospital on credit report item item paid looking for removal?

My husband has two negative items on his credit report and they are medical bills from a now closed hospital. He had a staff infection and without insurance at the time. The hospital is now closed for the last few years and wanted to write a good will letter for removal but now unable to reach any source. It has also gone to NCO financial which is not the best collections agency to deal with. Any suggestions? Any legal recourse?


Item has been paid through credit union, husband did not know of pay to delete at the time, the credit union just paid it out of the loan he got from them. It is with NCO and not OC but the original date is near two years older than orignal service date.

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    If the item was paid and you can show proof then NCO will have to remove it from your credit report if they are the one that is showing it there. If it is still showing from the now closed hospital your best bet is to contact the major credit reporting agencies and file a correction to the item. It might not go away but it will be noted on your credit report and taken into account by future creditors.

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    Get a free credit report from each of the big three (Equifax, Experian, Transunion) through

    Then, dispute the particular item in question, along with any others. They will investigate, and the creditors have 30 days to respond. If they don't, the negative item will be removed without further investigation. If they determine it is a valid debt, the item will remain for 7 years on your credit report from the date of last activity, then it will be removed automatically. DO NOT deal with ANY credit repair services, they are a rip-off, and you can do the same thing that they do, by disputing negative items. And its free if you do it. They will charge you a lot of money also.

    Also, my sympathy goes out to you. NCO is one of the absolute WORST collection agencies in existence. Check out for info on them, or just type their name "NCO fraud" or NCO ripoff", something like that into Google. You will see what I mean. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of negative reports about them. Also check out the BBB for their area, use the address listed on the letters from NCO since there are lots of NCO offices around the country. Some have a lot more complaints filed than others. ALL NCO offices have some complaints filed against them, some NCO offices have more complaints filed than others. They have more complaints against them than most other collection agencies do. They are absolutely ruthless, and sometimes illegal, in their collection practices. Watch out for these people. Seriously, be careful when dealing with them. I have been there, done that. And I've known others with similar experiences at NCO, all bad experiences. I wish you luck.

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    What has probably happened is that the hospital has closed, but the NETWORK that the hospital was a part of is most likely still in business.

    If that is the case, then you will still have to pay the medical bill.

    If you can get evidence that the hospital and the network has both shut down, then the collection agency legally can no longer report the debt to the credit bureaus if the original creditor is no longer in business.

    NCO Financial is required to give you the information of the original creditor if you ask them. If they do not, then contact your State Consumer Protection division and file a complaint. That is the regulating body for collection agencies.

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    Go to the three credit reporting sites on line and tell them that you paid this bill and they will look into it and take it off your record. Don't deal with NCO financial they are just a collection agency and they don't have you best interest in mind at all. They can care less about your problem.

    Source(s): Go to, this site will help you with the three credit reporting agencies. This is a legitimate U.S. gov. site. Every year, every U.S. citizen is entitled a free credit report from all three sites. The new law past last year. So, you don't need to pay for credit reports. Go to all three because they all may have different information regarding your situation on them so check all three. -Good Luck
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    You can't remove the closed accounts. They will stay on your report forever. But your loan requests being turned down has to do with the amount of balances on your loan accounts and your credit score (the higher the better). If you missed any payments, that will affect your score negatively. Most likely, the reason you are turned down is because: 1. Your balance to credit line ratio is too high - (you are close to maxed out on your credit lines) 2. You missed some payments or have late payments over 30 days. 3. You have a low credit score. (if you have less than 650, you are in a riskier category). 4. Your debt to income ratio is high (you have too much debt compared to your income)

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    Well if you intend to pay it, you can work with the collection agency. As rude as they can be, their entire method is to get you to pay it. They would rather have a portion of it paid then loose it to you because you haven't paid.

    Usually collections agency's buy debt pennies to the dollar. So just do some heavy negotiating.

    There is nothing legally you can do to get the debt removed if it is a legitimate debt. Just because they closed doesn't mean you don't owe the debt. That is why they sold it, so they didn't have to worry about collecting it themselves.

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    Send a validation letter to the collection agency, claiming proof of the debt from the original hospital.

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    make a copy of all of the documents and forward to the collection agency and to the credit company and request that these bad marks be taken off.

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    its gonna be a long process if u try it alone your best bet would be to find a reasonable lawyer that knows how to deal with the credit . has it been paid? if it has it should be no problem for a lawyer. but it would be almost impossible for u to go at it alone

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    Dear..If you ..Pay the bill if accident ..The Data base still memory

    Please Did you mean...Credit Report Like Equifax Trans Union or Freecreditreport ...Do I say rite?? If you say yes...My friend this a law , No any credit report when you want check your credit report ,,,I they never you....and they must be keep record can not deleted...

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