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Slow dial-up internet connection - bad phone line?

My internet connection at home as slowed to a crawl since the phone company worked on the line a month ago. They won't send out a tech because I can still make voice calls. Any suggestions?

Yes, I have the latest spyware,AV installed. It's the same on all 3 of my computers. Highest speed is 26k when you are lucky. Many times it's well below that. I used to be able to have two computers networked and online at the same time. The only other option in my area is satellite internet because I live in the middle of the middle of nowhere. I really don't have the money for that right now. (Am doing this from work as I can't do yahoo answers from home. :( )

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    Most likely, the phone company didn't do a decent job with the wiring, and/or changed wiring that is preventing you from attaining a higher speed connection.

    One thing that happens is called "changing the pairs". This basically means that the copper wires/connections that your house previously used have been changed outside on the pole. This is a permanent thing and is used to fix broken phone service.

    However, what sometimes happens is that you get switched to a very old set of wires or connections that don't service high-speed modem connections very well.

    A 56k modem connection is dependent upon a number of things.

    1. You need good quality wiring and terminations (where the wires connect to the boxes) in the house and outside the house on the pole. In short, all the copper between you and the ISP (Internet company) needs to be a certain grade/age/quality. I am also aware that distance can affect you getting a 56k connection, but if you got better speeds previously, this isn't the case.

    2. You need availability of 56k service at your ISP. Its possible that the internet service provider has no more 56k modems available as they are busy already servicing connections. You should call them, and hopefully their tech support will give you a decent answer.

    If I were you I would call the Telco and plead your case. Most likely they have switched you to very old copper lines and can probably make the switch to "another pair".

    If that doesn't work, you can always sabotage your own phone line and tell them you have no dial tone!!!!!

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    Try to have only one computer connected. Three computers using dial-up will cause your internet speed to be really slow. Try to scan your computer with the latest spyware programs. I would recommend you to get Webroot Spysweeper. It's very good and only $20 but you can dl for free.

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    Perhaps you could get a wireless connection...? I'm on "wireless connection 4 (default)" And it works like a charm! I'm not an expert though... I see no reason why you can't get a tech out! If the computor won't work, then a computor tech should go there! They go for smaller things!

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    Dial-up is just slow in general. Sorry Dude

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    I had the same issue. I was advised to delete all my offline files and delete all my cookies. This will affect the speed fo not only your computer, but the speed of your internet as well. Secondly, download browserblast software. This will speed up your connection as well.

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