Instructions for connecting 3 No's of 3way switches(4 terminal switches ) for controlling a single light .

Above 3 switches are installed at 3 different locations in a building for controlling a single lamp.All the 3 switches are having 4 terminals but in 2 of the switches one top & one bottom terminals are interconnecte internally in the switch.As such in 2 switches ,only 3 wires(say red,black,red) get connected ,while as in third switch 4 wires(say red-black in the top 2 screws & red -black wires in the bottom terminals are connected).The neutral wire is connected to the lamp directly while the live wire/phase is connected to one of the 2 switches with 3 wires.This practice is in vogue in the USA.

A connection diagram showing the three switches connecting various colored wires with the lamp may please b mailed to me for doing the project myself.

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    If you are installing 3 swithces to control one light bulb, You need 2 three way switches, and one 4 way switch. The three way switches have 3 terminal, and the 4 way switch has 4 terminals. Wires must be connect to all terminals. For one of the three way switches, you need to connect that to a power source, and the other three way switch you need to connect it to the light bulb. The 4 way switch will be in the middle between the two three ways, and two of the terminals from the three ways will land on two of terminals from the 4 way. Each three way will land on separate terminals at the 4 way.

    Look at the wiring diagram on the box.

    Draw it out on paper. You connect the commons on the three way to the 4 way.

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    Look at:

    What is usually called a 3-way switch is a 3-terminal switch. What is usually called a 4-way switch is a 4-terminal switch. As shown in the Wikipedia article, controlling a light from 3 or more locations is usually done with two 3-way switches and one or more 4-way switches. However, it is possible to use only 4-way switches and leave one terminal unconnected on two of the switches.

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