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What is the best way to get into Clinical Psychology?

Well the plan so far is..

I intend to spend this year gaining some relevant work experience (I haven't quite worked out what yet so any suggestions welcome)

Then hopefully I will get into uni next september to do a psychology degree and after that it's a doctorate in clinical psychology it seems. Does this sound about right?

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    Of course it sounds right...the best way is study, study, study...I think...good luck!!!

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    That sounds perfect. Make sure your psychology degree is a Bsc and is accredited by the psychological society ( if in UK its BPS ). This means less tests later which you'll need if it's not accredited.

    In terms of work experience you should look at possibly working with people with learning difficulties or autism is a possibility as well. Anything in a area of care work can also be helpful.

    With Clinical Psychology you will be required to do some more work experience once you have completed but having any experience helps you get on the courses needed as they are short in spaces.

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    OK you will not be able to go from a degree in psychology to a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

    Well possible if you are first class honours Oxbridge.

    A degree in psychology.

    Not worth having unless you can get a first class honours.

    Can you do that?

    Clinical psychology is so specialised that not only do you have to be exceptionally bright to get onto it but it takes years to achieve.

    So I suggest you have a gap year.

    Travel, gain some life experience and then apply for a place to study psychology.

    The fact you have not got a place this year at university does not bode well.

    Psychology is not an easy option.

    Clinical psychology is extremely complex and requires real intellect.

    If that's you then fine.

    If not choose another course.

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    Your right on course to become a clinical psychologist, you need to do a bit more research on what clinical psychologists do and the sector they work in......don't pigeon-hole yourself yet........

    If you can try and contact these places were psychologists feature and gain voluntary experience. While on the job (an extremely tough job) you may even realise clinical psychology is not for you, but thats ok.

    With plenty of experience working with all different types of people and their problems you will find an area that you are naturally talented and knowledgable's all learning on the journey of life, the trick is to gain as much knowledge and self-awareness as you go.

    Psychologists can also be involved in research, education, health, sport, counselling, business (occupational/business psychologists were actually the highest paid in USA last year)

    Don't narrow your sights just yet, by experience of life and the study of the subject you will discover where your strengths lie.

    If you are working in an area were your strengths are to the fore you will experience great job satisfaction and much respect........good happy.

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    go to www.

    here you will find all the info you need about how to become a clinical psychologist. Make sure you have the constitution of an ox, its one of the most cut throat competitive areas of psychology to get into. You will need a 1st class degree and if not post grad experience. An assistant psychologist post for a number of years prior to training after your degree. Look into it very carefully. Also look at counselling psychology, it is not as competitve YET!

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    Take it all in small steps. Practical experience is great; it looks good on you CV/resume. When you work on your undergraduate degree it is always good to get involved with faculty research. That is how professors will really get to know you and be in a good position to provide a good letter of recommendation to get into a Ph.D. program.

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    For more advice on 'relevant experience' & how best to plan a route towards applying for DClinPsy training, you might like to try the forum at:

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    Having been a "victim" of the so called science of psychology I can only recommend you to choose a useful study/job. It is still less than 100 years since the last frontal lobotomy was performed for psychological reasons. It is time we learned that this "profession" is overpopulated with fraudsters. I remind you of the definition of an expert:


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    The best thing to do?become a patient thats an option.Shouldnt you know how ,where and what to gain?

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