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Boise's local union for Zombies is in a strike with the city... Can I come to your town to bash some of yours?

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    I hate to be the one to inform you, but they are not on strike in Boise; they LEFT southwestern Idaho because it was too dead there. They tried to hang around until the Broncos got back onto their blue field but couldn't hold out that long. They tried a wild night in Caldwell, but really, why bother? They packed up, moved out, and are up partying in Missoula with the Maggots. Those guys really know how to liven things up. Do you play rugby? Better start getting in shape! Those former Boise zombies'll kick your butt if you're not ready! Who will bash whom?

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    I dont know, are they cute zombies? After all don't zombies do what they are told? Hmm... very uh interesting... Yes you may, hit all the cute ones over the head and drop em off in my garage...

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    Sure, we have plenty for you here in Detroit.

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