What is that song about Kylie Minogue called?

Who sings it and what is the title of the song? It's a techno song.

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  • jt
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    1 decade ago
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    Its by Akcent and its called 'Kylie.' Here are the lyrics:

    Kylie give me

    Kylie give me

    Baby, you're the one that melt my heart

    I swear I'm not lying

    Maybe tonight I'm gonna try my luck

    I can see that you want me

    I'm dreaming about you every night

    Every night


    Kylie give me just a chance

    Let's go out and dance

    We can get into the groove

    I can watch you move

    Later you can sing to me

    Like a shining star

    But I rather do you on the backseat of my car


    Baby, take a minute check me out

    I sit in the frontrow

    Baby I'm the coolest guy in the crowd

    I'm sure you have seen me

    I'm dreaming about you every night

    every night


    You drive me crazy

    You slowly drive me crazy

    Think about you baby

    Can't get you out of my mind

    I should be lucky

    I should be so lucky

    I should be lucky to sleep with you tonight




    Kylie give me

  • 1 decade ago

    Country techno? I think you've definitely picked the wrong forum.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Kylie" by Akcent

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