where can i download for free drum kit samples for my studio?

they can be for all types of music from hip hop,r&b, Ragga, salsa...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    try www.sampleswap.org .. they r not so great but u hav a great deal there..

  • lewis
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    4 years ago

    large question yet honestly lost on maximum. First hip-hop is to rap as gloves are to palms (i'm hoping this analogy works for you at the instant). as far because of the fact using “genuine” contraptions is in touch, i've got faith those so-observed as rockers know little of the hip-hop historic past, because it wasn’t born out of the suburbs amid the middle classification teenagers; it became born out of the ghettos of u . s . a . of america…That perfect, the destructive. The below privileged, below paid, concrete jungle dwelling, destructive. i know what those so-observed as rockers you talk of comprise thinking; the mum and dad surly had money for contraptions and training? not a fat hazard…final analysis lots of the hip-hop music is redundant, yet nevertheless, it music and a inventive expression and hence would desire to be considered as in simple terms that, a glimpse of somebody’s soul by sound…BTW Mofohofo you're perfect absolutely everyone can rap yet few can emcee, the two know your historic past or grow to be it…

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