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oh crap, how badly did i mess up my film?

i had spent the day in DC taking photos. when i got home i forgot to wind the film before i popped open the camera. i realized it as soon as i saw it, and shut it again, but how badly did i mess it up? the room was fairly dark, i need the shutter speed set to 1, 100 speed film, f-stop 5.6 just to get any reading on the meter in that room. do you think my film has any chance at surviving this? lol. i wont get to develope it until tomorrow.


the camera couldnt have been open for even a second, but i know that can still be more than enough to expose the film

Update 2:

thats great to hear, the last few shots were taken in my house to just use them up. i hope at least some of them come out! lol

Update 3:

yeah, its a completely manual slr. i havent done that since i've had this camera (over 10 years), so i guess it was about time it happened.

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    I, of course, as a professional photographer, have never done anything that stupid before. LOL! Yeah, right. I've done that so many more times than I want to admit. There's enough opaque backing on 35mm film that you usually only loose the outer 2-4 frames (the last shots) with some fogging of the film edges further in unless you sit there with the back open, staring at the film, telling yourself, "I don't believe I just did that." I, of course, have never done such a thing as that either. :-D

    After years of such careless stupidity I finally "trained" myself to first lift the rewind knob/lever and turn it slightly BEFORE opening the back. If it turned freely either the film was rewound into the cassette or I'd torn it loose from the spindle trying to get that last shot out of the roll (yes, I've done that). And if I was worried about it I'd take the camera into the darkest place I could find or wrap it in a coat, blanket, drape, etc. and open it long enough to feel for loose film.

    Otherwise, if the knob wouldn't move it was a dead giveaway that, once again, after that last shot I'd forgotten to immediately rewind the film.

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    Most likely only the strip of film that was exposed will be completely ruined. The rest will probably have black around the edges, and it will progressively get better as you get to the end of the roll. But it all depends on your camera and how it rolls the film...

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    You would have only damaged the exposures that were not wound up in the film canister. So just rewind the film and take it to be developed. Chances are most of them will turn out to be ok.

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    The first shots on the film are probably not affected at all. You most certainly lost the last two or three.

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    Should not have messed it up real bad. You may have blurred or whited out one or two of the frames if that. You film should be fine. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

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