How is the trucking industry in Arizona?

Good? Calif better? Or Texas? Which state has the best trucking jobs? We live in Phoenix right now. My husband is going to trucking school soon.

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    Phoenix, your in a prime area there are a bunch of trucking companies that have terminals in Phoenix. Your in a good spot don't worry. Swift Transportation, Knight Transportation, Northland Trucking, Faulkner Trucking, Lindsey Trucking Incorporated, DATS Trucking, DM Trucking, Watkins Shepard Trucking, Raider Trucking, Hirshbach Motor Lines, Sierra West Express Incorporated, Abf Freight System Incorporated, Koch Trucking, Blackhawk Transport, Con-Way Western Express, Dependable Highway Express, Ffe Transportation, Golden State Overnight, Central Freight Lines Inc, Crst International, Estes West, FedEx Freight, Lee Jennings Enterprizes Inc, Old Dominion Freight Line Inc, Saia Motor Freight Line Inc, Usf Bestway Inc, McKelvey Trucking, Crete Carrier Corporation, L&N Transport, JB Hunt, Las Vegas/LA Express, Pacer, Roadway Express, Smithway Motor Xpress Inc. Plenty of opportunity in your area as you can see just look these companies up on the web or phone book and ask if they hire new drivers, many do.

    Source(s): Personal Experiences as a professional driver.
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