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Ladies, What Does It Feel Like Having Breasts?

I'm sorry if that's a weird question. I'm just curious what it's like having them, and what it would be like if I was to magically obtain a pair for a day. How would I feel, what would I expect? What are some things about them guys don't know. I'm asking this as an intelligent question and not trying to be perverted.

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    Like having two giant balls on your chest. Extrapolate.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes first of all strange question but ill answer since you sound decent lol

    All my life i couldnt wait to get breasts and when i finally got them i was like omg they are too small i hated them, it is only now, after having my son, that I have grown to like them and enjoy them.

    I think if you were to magically obtain a pair for a day then you would find it really confusing as to which bra to buy to support them (unless of course you go bra-less but i wouldnt reccomend that!) theres so many to choose from and if you dont get the correct size itsa nightmare, a bra thats too small squishes them gives you a nasty shape and hurts like hell, a bra too big and your constantly having to pull up the slipping straps! so go get measured then you know what fits!!

    2nd expect strange looks (breasts on men that dont look like man boobs - yea people will stare - alot!) they could be tender to touch but only when your period is due (even though you wouldnt get periods of you were a bloke lol)

    Make the most of having them though, if they were big enough lick your own nipples thats great to do!

    I dont know what else to say its a weird question for me to answer!!

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    Well its not bad for me i dont mind them one bit they are not to big and not to small. They dont hurt for me so.... If you were to have them for one day you would probably feel awkward considering you are a male. Its like not trying to be gross but honestly i wouldnt wnat to experince those things you have down there its the fact that if i did for one day it would be uncomfortable considering i ididnt grow up with them and when you grow up with them its normal feeling you dont feel odd. All i can say is not trying to be gross but try having a period for a day now that would suck for you especially if it suicks for me.

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    Imagine carring 2 bags of sugar on your chest and you wouldn't be far off, Sore back, getting a comfortable bra, men letching at them, they get sore each month.

    But I still love mine!

    Source(s): My 40E boobs
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  • 6 years ago

    i wish i were a girl.. minus the periods and the pregnancy... id probably masturbate all my life... but.. um... what i got now... has me just simply NEEDING to ****... and to me.. theres no pleasure from it...sure.. i WANT to... but i know from just giving myself a handjob.... that its definetly better for girls.....they got the good ****.. i wish i had their ****.... i could sit there and masturbate all day long and not give any ***** sexual fantasies... would actually be COOL.. i would sit there and WANT to do i have no energy,,.,.. so id probably be laying down better to be the girl than anything else... but as i cannot imagine not having a cock and just say... you know what.. just make me a weird hermaphrodite... without balls....pussy and dick.. thats it....might wanna suck it and do some pounding myself....whatever...

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    Its kinda hard to actually answer it since it comes naturally. I guess it may feel different for each individual depending on their sizes. I'm just guessing.. I guess its not much of help butyeah. (:

  • Anonymous
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    there a pain in the *** if u ask me im size D and its annoying when guys stare at ur chest an there is so much more

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    like having to melons hanging out of your chest. but nice softish ones, with two eyes on the front of them. :P

    hm.. what guys dont know... well guys dont know that for us - boobs are not a big deal. we dont hink of them and look at them as much as you guys do. :P

    hm.. as for magically getting a pair - hm... i dont see that ever happening, but im sure you got other things you can fidle with - literally :P

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    its annoying, i havnt seen my feet since 8th grade, and i cant jump rope, jump on a trampoline, or ride horseback.

    and my back kills me

    and bras are uncomfortable, but you can just NOT wear one, or your boobs will be all outta place

    Source(s): personal expreence in a D cup :]
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    ok that's like asking you how does it feel to have balls and a scrotum.i know i wouldn't want a guys parts.

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