Bluetooth/ wireless keyboard/mice need Battery?

wireless or bluetooch keyboard/mice is same?

Do they need battery?


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    Wireless mouse / keyboard without bluetooth works up to the range of 6 - 7 feet maximum distance.

    Wireless Mouse / Keyboard with bluetooth works up to 30 feet distance.

    Batteries: Some of them have & some of them doesn't.

    Wireless Mouse / Keyboard with battery:

    You mostly need to change keyboard battery once a year & that of mouse twice a year. As well as it depends on your use. Please switch it (battery) off, when not needed.

    Wireless Mouse / Keyboard without battery:

    Simple they don't have batteries inside, so no need to change.

    Whenever you go to the market to buy wireless mouse / keyboard make sure you don't by those cheaper ones. As they are cheaper than the branded ones, you might get attracted towards them but they don't perform as good as the branded ones like microsoft, logitec, etc.

    Cheaper ones cost 1/3 of the branded ones. But if you consider their performance & durability, branded ones are far better than the cheaper ones.

    I think this would help you. If it doesn't then ask me your querry.

    Have a nice time.

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    No, bluetooth and 2.4Ghz (common wireless connection) aren't the same, both use different technologies, bluetooth has normally a better coverage and it wont interfere with your cordless phone or your wireless router (if you have any of those).

    Much of the devices out there work with common batteries (normally 2AA batteries), but some of them have rechargeable batteries.

    If you're planning to buy a keyboard/mice make sure that if works with bluetooth and the best brand for wireless keyboards/mice is Logitech.

    Hope this helps!

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  • 5 years ago

    Yes, they use batteries. They have to get power from somewhere.

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