Is Autolyzed Yeast just like eating normal Yeast?

Yeast autolysis kills yeast cells to form MSG for flavor. I am supposed to stay away from Yeast but I found a product that I'm interested in buying that has Autolyzed Yeast. Should I just stay away from it or is all the yeast dead?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeast isn't autolyzed (cooked) to form MSG! It's done to release the nutrients that are inside the yeast!!

    As an example look at brewers yeast. Any homebrewer has access to large quantities of fresh, live yeast. If they started eating large amounts of it they'll get sick for two reasons. First, some yeast will survive the trip through the stomach and set up housekeeping in the intestines (which results in *nasty* diarrhea). Secondly, since most of the nutrients are trapped in the yeast cell walls, they'd actually risk becoming deficient in several nutrients.

    Correctly cooking (autolyzing) the yeast ruptures the indigestible cell walls so that the nutrients become bio-available. You won't find ANY yeast sold for direct consumption that hasn't been autolysed whether it's brewers yeast, nutritional yeast or flavoring yeast (like torula).

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  • XO
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    1 decade ago

    i really don't have the answer to your question.....but i would say i do my best to stay from any MSG product

    which includes autolyzed yeast and proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, "natural flavor", "spice" and of course monosodium glutamate

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  • 4 years ago

    Yeast Infection Freedom System :

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