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what are some good books to read about brain?

recently i read a book called inside the brain by Ronald kotuluk and i liked it alot! now i want to learn more about brain so can you suggest me some good books!

thanks for your help

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    Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandell wrote In Search of Memory, part biography, part a discussion of various brain functions.

    For an older, more offbeat approach, read The Body Has a Head, by Gustav Eckstein. The late Dr. Eckstein was a physiologist who lectured at the University of Cincinnati. He was always entertaining, but in a slightly bizarre way. I enjoyed the book very much, but the reviewer in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Assn) was not amused.

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    Use your head - by Tony Buzan is a good place to start.

    There is a program called MindMaps - it can be found through Google..this program acts in the same way the Buzan book is written. The idea has been around for a long time and is now available for the computer buff.

    Microsofts Visio program also contains a similar mapping facility.

    Good luck.

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    *THE* Brain.

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