where can i buy man thongs?

where can i buy thongs for men except in online stores?

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    Online is probably the widest variety of men's thong underwear, but also you will end up with a lot of fringe designs, especially on eBay.

    But men's thongs can be found at Target (brand name MERONA), ShopKo (same manufacturer as the Target thongs, but under a different name), and K-Mart (both Fruit of the Loom and Joe Boxer).

    Online, good (though more expensive) sources include International Male, Wintersilks and Intimo (all are .com).

    For more information on this, check out Wikipedia. Many sources and research is listed there, including retail outlets, benefits of wearing them for both men and women, attitudes toward thongs, and much more.


    While you are at it, see this Answers question and add thoughts: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Apkbn...

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    Where To Buy Mens Thongs

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    Where can i buy man thongs? The best place to buy cheap Womens Thongs online is at Amazon.com as thy have a huge collection at amazingly low prices from a website you can trust.

    The women’s thong is a minimal coverage knicker style that suits any body shape.


    They are considered a sexy and flattering style of women’s knickers. Thongs have a thin waistband, minimal coverage over the front of the body, and a thin strip of material that runs between the buttocks. Thongs sit somewhere between Tangas and G-Strings.

    There is about as much variation when it comes to buying women’s knickers as is possible and the Thong is in the minimal coverage category but not quite as brief as the G-String


    This type of knickers offers virtually no coverage over the bottom. The benefit of wearing a thong is that it provides no visible panty line across the bottom, making it an ideal choice for wearing under tight-fitting or sheer clothes.

    Source(s): Buy Womens Thongs Online http://www.amazon.com/Thongs-Panties-Intimate-Clot... .
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    where can i buy man thongs?

    where can i buy thongs for men except in online stores?

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    There is no reason a 15 year old needs a man thong. Do you want all the chicks to think you are gay?

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    This depends what country you are in but generally speaking online has the best variety. Avoid "adult" stores as they only sell cheap gimmick ones. Stick to proper brands such as Emporio Armani or C.K plus a few others like Ergowear

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    Funny question.... but you can buy them in "adult" stores, especially if you're wanting more of a novelty pair. Otherwise, you can usually find a few in regular department stores like Gordman's, JC Penney's, Kohls, etc.

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    why would you want to wear man thongs??

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      Why do you wear a thong? Oh let me guess to prevent pantylines. Maybe you should go back to wearing dresses then, that will hide your pantylines!!

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