My ABEC 5 bearings are slow?

I baught a board and it came with ABEC 5s its pretty slow its a mongoose from walmart build ur own and i put oil but dont see difrence any tips help pleaz oh and i saw a birdhouse with abec -3 wats that ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you got it from walmart meaning it's got cheap bearings to begin with and that it's basically a beginner board, beginner boards use slower bearings because when you first start out skateboarding you don't need or want to go fast. If you want them to go faster then you'll need to replace them. ABEC is a rating that really means nothing when it comes to skateboarding bearings, I've had abec 3's that were faster than 7's but what I use now is bones brand bearings. They're reds are rated abec 5 but are fast, swiss bearings ARE better, i've used swiss bearings and yeah i've paid $40 for them but they lasted twise as long and do ride smooth, but like any skateboard bearing you need to take care of them, they need to be lubed once a week at least, i ride almost every day and lube and clean mine 2-3 times a week. You can get a set of bones reds for $15 anywhere that sells skateboard bearings. Bones is the olny brand i'll buy anymore just because they've never let me down.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the abec rating is simply the size and number of ball bearings in a bearing. Skateboard bearings in general are made in such a way that they are heavy (resist breakage) but are generally slow compared to other bearings. You can get abec3 bearings that might be faster or slower than certain abec5 bearings. It all depends.

    If you're light (less than 140 lbs) i'd say you could even buy rollerblade bearings (they're cheaper and will be faster). Otherwise it's really one of those pay for what you get type scenarios. More expensive the bearing, the better they'll roll. The only suggestion I have is don't buy swiss bearings for your skateboard cuz they're expensive and they fall apart rather quickly. I seem to remember fkd being good lasting bearings.

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