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what can saran wrap do for me by tomorrow?

ok, so i have a little bit of fat around my waist is 31 inches around...or less. but thats not my problem...tomorrow im supposed to be wearing a bikini and when i walk, my stomach jiggles a bit...i know saran wrap just lose water weight and it's only temporary, but do u think it would firm my stomach for just one day? i just dont want it to jiggle a if i put on the saran wrap at night and take it out in the morning, would i have a firm looking stomach for about 15 hours? i dont care if it goes back to normal after that. i just want to know if that would work....cuz im on a diet and i just lost 5 pounds in a week. isnt that great! i used to weigh 125 and then i gained to i weigh 135. just 10 more pounds to go

PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! Please the way today is my birthday. im so excited.

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    First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As for the seran wrap, I honestly doubt it will make much of a difference. What will work (which I woudln't do on a regular basis at all) is not drinking water or drinking very little. You don't want to feel sick or woozy for your b-day though! In one day, what little difference anything will make will probably only be visable to you. Maybe just relax, take pride in what you have lost, be confident and simply enjoy yourself!

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    for many ingredients you ought to use the two one to conceal. ingredients that are acidic should not be lined with aluminum foil for extra beneficial than a couple of minutes as a results of fact the acid eats into the foil. in case you're utilising saran wrap, use somewhat sufficiently massive so as that it may adhere to itself around the bowl, no longer merely the bowl. additionally in case you place a plate on suitable of the saran wrap lined bowl it is going to shop extra beneficial.

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