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Name My Cue.."J&J".....WHAT IS IT???!!!?

Ok..I Bought A Cue Stick From Someone Up In Denver Recently...No, I Didn't Pay Much, But I Fell In Love With It, And My Stroke Is Hella Nicer With It..It's Just....Me :)....But The Problem Is, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS :(..I Thought It Was A Viking When I Got It...But It Dont Have "Viking" On It..It Has The Letters "J&J" On The BottomOf The Butt..HaHa, And No, It's Not Johnson & Johnson. :P It's Only 17 Oz..So, Can anyone plz tell me what it is?...And If you find it on a site somewhere...and how much they're worth...Much Luv..DRE O**WOW, I ASKED A QUESTION**


THANK YOU SO MUCH, STRAIGHT!! wow..that was quick..i'm gonna go check that out right now..so helpful..thx :)...

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    Welcome to the brother/sisterhood Dre O. First of all, go to "www.jjcue.com" as a start. That's all I've done so far. They have contact information on their web page. The Company is actually called J & J America Billiards Inc. I'll see what more I can turn up. I haven't heard of this company before today. M.D.-BCA Instructor/Referee.

    P.S. This is all they had to say about their cues on their web page.


    J&J Cues

    We are making a full range of high quality cues at affordable prices. All J&J cues are made by high quality material. All cue shafts are Canadian maple shafts with a water buffalo tip. We guarantee that all J&J cues are straight. Prices are from $38 and up. Most importantly, these cues play great. We have many customers using J&J cues to win their games.


    It sounds like you might have to contact them directly with any questions.

    Source(s): www.jjcue.com
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    J&j Cues

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    Most likely Straight is right I think they are out of Chicago Its a good cue i have one

    Later Johnny

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