Swings comeback...?

Swing music was very popular from 1935-45...It made a comeback in the late 90's and groups like the Brian Setzr orchestra brought it to a whole new generation. So, why do you think it became so popular again in the late 90's?

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    The resurgence of swing actually began in the 80's. Two dancers: Erin Stevens and Steven Mitchell (from southern california) were dance majors looking for more information about swing dancing when they came accross some amazing movie clips of original swing dancers "Whitey's Lindy Hoppers" in the 1941 movie "Hellzapoppin".

    Here's the video clip:


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    Because of this video, they decided to seek out the dancers and learn from them the type of dance they were doing (Lindy Hop). After some discovery, they learned that the routine was actually choreographed by Frankie Manning (who is credited with creating the first air-step or aerial in swing dancing). The found Frankie in New York, having retired from working at the post office since the 1950's, and convinced him to come out of retirement to teach them the dance that he loved.

    As a result, a small underground swing dance scene began simultaneously in Southern California and in New York. As a result of thie resurgence, the dance and music began a come back into the main stream. Frankie and several other jazz dancers of the swing era, choreographed a broad way show called "Black and Blue" and later received a Tony Award. Frankie was also discovered by Spike Lee, who had him choreograph the swing number in the movie "Malcom X".

    The scenes both continued to grow and other scenes also expanded, and as a result several swing bands formed and began playing for the dancers, which included Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, and Indigo Swing.

    The popularity of swing music and swing dancing took off in 1993 with the release of the movie "Swing Kids". While the movie wasn't a box office or award winning hit, it was shown in many history classes for it's message and historical context. Others popular movies that followed including "Swingers" and "The Mask" which featured swing music and dancing also help bring swing to the mainstream.

    In 1997, Cherry Poppin' Daddies (a ska band) released "Zoot Suit Riot", which was a collection of their swing recordings from previous albums. The album would go on to reach #17 on the Bill Board Top 200 in 1998. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Royal Crown Revue would also go on to have great comercial success, along with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, who covered Louis Prima's "Jump Jive and Wail".

    The swing scene got additional boost from Gap, who ran a commercial featuring lindy hoppers dancing in Khaki's in 1998.

    Other movies, music videos, and swing bands also came out of the popularity of the scene, but the pop culture nastalgia of swing faded out after a view years.

    Today, the swing scene is an ungerground culture, but it has remained strong with many devoted followers. Infact not a weekend goes by there is not a major "lindy exchange" or swing dance weekend somewhere in the united states, or else where in the world.

    For more information about swing, be sure to check out these sites:




    I hope that helps!

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    People just decided it was cool again. The people decide what's in and what's out. Kind of weird if you think about it.

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    Thank god there are other styles which are being popular.

    I am just sick of popularity of hip hop

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    Because people got sick of Oasis, Biggie and Tupac clashing.

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