Do insects have hearts?

Just curious about the anatomy of insects and how they function.

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    Insects do have hearts - sometimes several of them! The heart in insects is a contactile blood vessel that extends the length of the animal. Contractions start at the posterior end & progress anteriorly. As noted by several of the other posters, the insect circulatory system is an open system. This means that the blood is not always contained in blood vessels. Our circulatory system is a closed system because our blood is always contained in blood vessels. In insects, the blood leaves the heart at its anterior end and enters the hemocoel. The blood in the hemocoel baths most of the animal's internal organs. After passing though the hemocoel, the blood reenters the heart tube through holes called ostia. The ostia have valves that only allow blood to enter the heart. The blood can't leave the heart via the ostia. I mentioned earlier that insects can sometimes have several hearts. These accessory hearts pump blood into areas that would not be well perfused by the main heart. In many insects, there are accessory hearts located at the bases of the antennae and the wings, which pump blood into those structures.

    Two of the other posters had incorrect answers about the lack of hearts in insects. The wiki citation provided by guerilla77 is incorrect. See the first citation below for a diagram of ant internal anatomy showing the heart. The answer by pedudek about flies not having hearts is also incorrect. See the YouTube video to watch a fly heart beat.

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    Insecs don;t have hearts like we know them to be.

    Insects have completely different anatomy ( for example they "breath" thru holes in their abdomen and not thru the mouth like we do)......they have what we call an open circulatory system where they have several pumping organs ( hearts) as well as movement by moving ( muscles) that bathe the cells in oxygenated fluid...the oxygen is absorbed by the cells and I think the fluid is reabsorbed ( opps forgot that part!) by the the hearts are just contracting muscles...if they have them or they use the muscles and simple body movement causes the blood to pumped around.

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    in insects open vascular system is present. in this system there are 5-7 sinuses are present which are simillar in the function of heart so we can say they have 5-7 hearts

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    Ants don't (see wiki link), Bumblebees do (see wiki link). You'll have to do some more looking yourself probably for the specific insects you're interested in.

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    I don't know for a fact but I imagine they would because they have blood and therefore they would need something to pump it around.

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    In my knowledge i know most of them too. and for instance worms have even 7 hearts.

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