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Metronome with 32nd notes?

I was looking at metronomes and cant seem to find any with 32nd notes. I'd also like to find one that has triplet feel 16th notes. Any place where i could find one?

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    Try the Tama Rhythm Watch:

    It's got quarter, 8th, 16th, and triplet subdivisions that you can dial in up to 250bpm. As far as metronomes with 32nd note subdivisions, I've personally not seen one, but their might be one out there somewhere. What you can do is double the bpm and play 16th notes. That will give you the equivalent 32nd note pace. In other words, playing 32nd's at 100bpm, (quarter note pulse), is the same as 16th's at 200bpm.

    Also, it's VERY unlikely you'll ever be able to play, (or need to play for that matter), 16th's on guitar, (I assume you play guitar from your user name), at 250bpm cleanly anyhow, aside from maybe trem picking on one string. Even picking monsters like Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci would find that feat very difficult. The only guitar players I've ever heard that have any real control at nearly speed are Michael Angelo Batio, Rusty Cooley, Todd Duane, John McLaughlin, and Shawn Lane.

    Finally, CubCur is on to something. You really don't need each note accented on a metronome. Just the quarter note really. Here's how it works, (in 4/4 time), at any bpm:

    Whole note: 4 clicks per note

    Half note: 2 clicks per note

    Quarter note: 1 note per click

    Eighth note: 2 notes per click

    Sixteenth note: 4 notes per click

    Thirty second Note: 8 notes per click

    Sixty fourth note: 16 notes per click

    One hundred-twenty eighth note: 32 notes per click

    Triplets work like this in 4/4:

    Eighth note triplet: 3 notes per click

    Sixteenth note triplet: 6 notes per click, (this is sometimes called a sextuplet.)

    Pretty easy stuff. I hope I helped you somewhat. If you need any further knowledge, go to this website: There is a lot of good info there on notes, time sigs, and subdivisions. Check the "lessons" section.

    Good Luck!

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    Metronome With Subdivisions

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    Dr. Beat brand metronomes would have all that and more. They are very costly though. Roughly $100-200 depending on the design. But, a very good investment for your money. If you are serious about music and practicing, or whatever you do, a Dr. Beat metronome will get you the most out of your money and time. I highly suggest it. You can go to any music supplier's website for these. Just search Dr. Beat Metronomes and look for the best price. You might possibly be able to find one on Ebay too. Good Luck!

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  • CubCur
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    I don't want to seem insensitive here, but a metronome is a *clock*: *you* do the subdivisions, it does the big stuff. That's what it's for. My Seiko 'xyz', just like my mechanical metronome doesn't 'do' 32nds. It does xxx beats per minute, just like any other metronome. So, no, you won't find one. You'll find lots that do beats per minute though.... :-)

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    If you get an upscale one, it will have all of the above. One example:

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