Could you please answer this it's for a Report.....?

Cochlear Implants

This survey is for my sociology class where I am doing a report about cochlear implants. I am comparing the ideas and opinions formed based on up-bringing and the understanding of Deaf Culture.

1. What is your hearing status?

2. What devices, if any do you use to assist you with your hearing on a daily basis?

3. What type of school did you attend? (Mainstream, Private, Institution, Residential, etc.)

4. Do you know anyone with a cochlear implant?

5. Do you agree with implantation of infants and young children (under age 6)?

6. Do you agree with implantation for older children (ages 6-12)?

7. Do you agree with implantation for teenagers (13-19)?

8. Do you agree with implantation for adults?

9. Have you heard anything, positive or negative about the actual benefits of a Cochlear Implant?

10. What is your general opinion on the implants?

11. Would you be implanted if you had the option?

12. What if you were implanted as a child?

13. Would you want to go back in time and be implanted as a child or infant?

14.Would you implant your child?

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  • Mouse
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    1 decade ago
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    1. I have 50% loss of hearing in my right ear (middle range).

    2. No assistance in my hearing at this time.

    3. Regular education from kindergarten through college.

    4. No, but not everyone would talk about it.

    5. thru 8. Would have to be on an individual basis - everyone is different.

    9. I have read in magazines that it has changed lives.

    10. I would weight everything and possibly consider it as a good thing.

    11. Yes!

    12. I would appreciate the opportunity to be able to hear.

    13. If I knew I would lose all of my hearing.

    14. I would, I love music and would hate for my children to miss that.

  • Cleo
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    1 decade ago

    1. About 70%

    2. None yet.

    3. Mainstream

    4. No

    5. Don't know enough stats to give qualified answer

    6. Same as above.

    7. Same as above but would seriously consider it.

    8. Yes

    9. Positive...opened the world up to sound.

    10.Positive......benefits outweigh the risk.

    11.Yes....I have Menier's Disease and will eventually go deaf. If a Cochlear Implant is a viable option sign me up.

    12. N/A

    13. Yes if I needed it at that time.

    14. If it would improve my child's quality of life, yes.

  • Sunny
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    1 decade ago

    1. hearing

    2. n/a

    3. mainstream

    4. yes - a child and an adult who had implants when he was a child

    5. yes - if medically viable

    6. yes - if medically viable

    7. yes - if it will help and s/he is agreed

    8. yes - if it will help

    9. positive from the parents of the child I know and positive

    from the young adult I knew

    10. the 2 people I know have improved hearing so for them it was a great idea

    11. if they were recommended

    12. I can't imagine not being able to hear music so - yes

    13. only if medically viable

    14. definitely if it was recommended

  • 1 decade ago



    3.Public, Academia

    4.i dont think so it sounds dangerous for young children i dont think so

    8.yes 18 and over

    9.they say that it turns out wrong and worsens the patient's ear

    10.i dont lyk it but if yooh need it its ok.

    11.if there's anything wrong wit my ears

    12.if it was for my good. its ok wit mii but i wood have liked it wen i was older.


    14.if it helps him or her. I WOOD DO ANYTHING FOR MY CHILD/CHILDREN.

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