help with tagalog?

can you please tell me how to say these in tagalog?

*pass me the salt and pepper, pls.

*pass this note to her, pls.

*i passed her a note quickly so the teacher wouldn't catch us.

*a lot of people and cars pass by here on sundays, so the road is always crammed during the daytime and you always get stuck in the middle of the road.

thank you all out there for help in advance!

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    1 decade ago
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    This is conversational tagalog: I've used some English words as some are a part of conversation. For the others, it needn't be infused with English and it's normal to have straight Tagalog at times. English is for words you can't directly translate in Tagalog or sounds "off" in its Tagalog translation.

    1. Pakiabot naman yung asin a paminta o. (o is like an affectionate ending with no meaning)

    2. Pwedeng pakipasa itong note sa kanya o. (I used note because note makes it more informal and milder than sulat)

    3. Pinasa ko kaagad yung sulat sa kanya para hindi kami mahuli ng titser.

    4. Tuwing Linggo, maraming tao't sasakyan talaga dito kaya ang mga kalye, tuwing umaga palang ay nagsisiksikan na.Pag ikaw ang nandito, pihadong mananatili kang hindi gumagalaw sa gitna ng daan.

    Source(s): I live in the Philippines.
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    1 decade ago

    If you are gonna say these sentences in tagalog, you don't want the direct translation because people are gonna laugh at you because normal Pilipinos don't talk pure tagalog, they use a lot of english words, too. so the simplest translation of your sentences are:

    Pakipasa ang asin at paminta.

    Pakipasa ang sulat sa kanya.

    Mabilis kong pinasa sa kanya ang sulat para di kami mahuli ng teacher (guro).

    Maraming tao at sasakyan dito pag Linggo kaya laging puno ang daan pag araw,at lagi kang natatraffic.

  • exodus
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    1 decade ago

    paki abot nga sa akin ang asin at paminta.

    paki abot nga sa kanya ang sulat na ito.

    inabot ko ng mabilis sa kanya ang sulat para hindi kami mahuli ng aming guro.

    maraming tao at sasakyan ang dumadaan dito tuwing umaga ng linggo, kaya ang kalsada ay palaging masikip, at palagi kang naiipit sa gitna ng kalsada.

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    1 decade ago

    whats tagalog?

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