who dies in last harry potter book?

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    voldemort, lupin, tonks, mad-eye moody, colin creevy, crabbe, tonks father, dobby, hedwig, snape, tas all i remember

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    The Deathly Hallows are Harry's invisibility cloak which has been passed down from generation to generation, a stone that brings back the dead which is hidden in the snitch Harry first caught in his mouth left to him by Dumbledore in his will and the elder wand hidden in Dumbledore's tomb, which is taken by Voldemort.

    R.A.B. is actually Sirius' brother Regulus in spite from what Voldemort did to him. After he died in the cave he left the task to Kreacher to destroy the locket but Kreacher was unable to even open it.

    The horcruxes are the locket stolen by Kreacher then by Mundugus then stolen by Umbridge then taken by Harry.Destroyed by Ron with the Gryfindor sword.

    The Hufflepuff goblet hidden in Bellatrix Lestrange's vault in Gringotts. Destroyed by Hermoine with a Basilisk fang.

    The Diadem of Ravenclaw hiddden in the room of requirement next to where Harry hid the Half-blood Prince potion book. Destroyed by Crabbe's cursed fire spell.

    Nangini, Voldemort's snake. Destroyed by Neville with the Grryfindor sword.

    And finally Harry's scar. Destroyed with Voldemort's killing curse.

    Snape was actually working with Dumbledore the whole time, Dumbledore himslef planned his own death, the curse on his hand was growing more and more every day. Snape was truly repenting sending Voldemort after Harry's mom, he was in love with her, his patronus was even a doe, just like Lily Potter, Harry's mother.

    Here's who really dies.

    muggle studies teacher Burbage killed be Voldemort

    Hedwig killed by a Death Eater

    Mad-eye killed by a Death Eater

    Tonk's father killed by Death Eaters

    the minister of magic Scrimgeour killed by Voldemort and Death Eaters

    Wormtail killed by his own silver hand

    Dobby killed by Bellatrix LeStrange

    Crabbe by his own 'cursed fire' spell

    Fred killed by a Death Eater at the final battle at Hogwarts

    Lupin (not specified, killed at the final battle)

    Tonks (side by side with her husband Lupin)

    Snape killed by Voldemort

    Colin Crevey by Death Eaters at the final battle

    Bellatrix Lestrange killed by Mrs. Weasley.

    Harry dies/goes into dream state?? then revives/awakes

    Voldemort killed by who else; Harry.

    And about 50 students at Hogwarts names not specified.

    Harry marries Ginny have 3 kids but also watches over his godson Teddy (Tonks/Lupins child)

    Ron marries Hermione have 2 children.

    Malfoy marries and has one child

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    the only major character who dies is voldemort. harry lives unfortnately and gets married to ginny. hermione and ron get married and neville becomes a professor at hogwarts many years later. kind of disappointing if you ask me

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    what...??? sorry... Monty you just answered a Q and u just said that harry commits suicide... now... pls.. don't eat crap.. if you haven't read the book.. ok.... i mean,,, make up ur mind already... there are ppl who haven't read the book.. and it's not FUNNY!!!

    sorry back to you.. ahh... i haven't read the book... and i am not gonna say something stupid about it.. i don't want to disappoint you

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