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Is the US Dept of Justice wholey owned by Bush and Cheney? That explains White House stating DOJ policy?

Why is a White House spokesman telling us what Justice Department policy is? From the NYTimes : A White House spokesman, Tony Fratto, said Congressional threats to have presidential aides charged with criminal contempt would probably end in failure. “It has been the Justice Department’s long-held view that the law does not permit Congress to require a U.S. attorney to convene a grand jury or otherwise pursue a prosecution” when someone refuses on the basis of executive privilege to testify or turn over documents, Mr. Fratto said.


to the two Bush supporters below: If CLINTON was a Republican AND we were in some kind of war, It would have happened. You can bet on it. - also using Clinton is a childish way to deflect the question. He's been gone - how many years ? Didn't you learn early not to respond to a question by saying " but somebody else did the same thing"?

Try using that to get out of a speeding ticket sometime. I am dismayed at one's lack of imagination. You could have actually responded better.

Update 2:

Alasp: I always thought we had a tripartite system of government, made up of three SEPARATE branches and NOT an EXECUTIVE branch that rules everything from outside the law from a partisan standpoint. Guess I was wrong.

Update 3:

Mckenzie: Suppose Congress holds White House officials in contempt for withholding important evidence in the U.S. attorney scandal. We are now told -by the White House that the Justice Department simply will not pursue the charges.

I respectfully MUST disagree with your presumption that we still have an independent DOJ. Much as I respect your right to an opinion,

I completely reject your arguement that I am in some way harming your credibility as a Democrat.

It seems more that you are an apologist for

Bush's siezure and consolidation of power.

I will be posting a lot MORE of these statements.

You may be aware of the degree of partisan politicization this Administration has forced on the DOJ - to the exent that is is used to circumvent free and fair elections and act as a political tool for the executive branch. Executive privilege is not what the president claims it to be. It must be evaluated case by case by a court - But Congress may have to use Inherrant Contempt.

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    White House spokesman shares his understanding of what the Justice Department policy is and you think that means the U.S. Dept. of Justice is owned by Bush and Cheney as a result?

    How dare they answer the questions of people suggesting that they defend executive privilege by stating their understanding of the Justice Department policy! They should remain silent, wait while someone goes and fetches someone from the Justice Department to state it.

    Can't have the Executive Branch understanding a rule that has been in place for many decades, can we?

    Your post is silly.

    Don't do this. You make us look foolish.

    There's more than enough serious issues to discuss about his refusal without nonsense like spreading an unfounded rumor of the Judicial Branch being controlled by the Executive Branch.

    THAT'S unjust to all the honest and honorable men and women who are in that Branch, forget President Bush and Vice President Cheney. In your rush to hurt them, you insult some good people carelessly.

    I'm a democrat.

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    The Department of Justice is a department within the executive branch of government. As such, the head of the DOJ (the Attorney General) and all other employees and appointees of the DOJ and the executive branch serve at the pleasure of the President. They are wholly under the President's power. They are not at all answerable or under the control of Congress or the judiciary except for review of the legality of their actions.

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    First of all every administration is allowed to pick the department heads in any major cabinet department so your shock that the DOJ would be aligned with President Bush is pretty amazing that you never saw this happening in any past administration. Executive Privilege goes back to the first administration where President Washington denied Congress access to his appointees on the controversial Jay Treaty between the UK and US that Congress was upset with. All presidents make sure executive privilege is on their side in so many issues. President Eisenhower noted that if a staff member who he had invoked executive privilege on testified to congress that person would not have a job anymore. So don't act like this is an evil of the Bush administration it is how government is designed to run.

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    The president is the head of the executive department. The Department of Justice falls under his supervision. He is the Big Boss. So his policies are the DOJ policies.

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    And why is it that every time you ask a question of a Republican, they result to insults, and lies!

    It has been in the paper every day how the White House is using Executive Privilege to cover up the dismissal of those judges that criticized Bush's regime!

    And the biggest liar is the Attorney General himself! he denies, his lapse of memory is innsulting, and we are expected to believe this!

    They will fight the Democrats in Congress tooth and nail in, to investigate this abuse of Executive Privilege, to cover up their mistakes!

    They were punished! Pure and simple! And, regardless of how they try to cover it up,, they will not succeed!

    And what is Cheney covering up with all of his 'filing cabinets?

    You neo-cons really need to grow up,get a life, and stop pestering decent Dem-Lib;s with your poison!!

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    I doubt they will receive what they earned! I'm hoping they bring the gitmo prisoners to the US prisons. Then Cheney gets to share a cell and play drop the soap with one.

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    Have another drink of Kool Aide and worship at the feet of Micheal Moore and company. When Bush leaves office, do sometime refreshing and go after the real enemy.

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    There Is no justice In that department.

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    How funny, I was thinking this morning how bad it was with Janet Reno. He was like wonder woman trying to deflect all the stuff coming at Clinton. She was down right obstinate and buried more stuff than you could shake a stick at.

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    finally some intelligent conversation, but i just took my meds, am fading away rapidly!!!

    ill be back!!!

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