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I've recently been offered an opportunity to work in Venezuela for about a year-and-a-half. I'd appreciate, if you could answer some questions for me. Best if you've been there, or are from there, but all answers are welcome.

How is the economy? And where do you think it's going? Better or worse?

How do/did you like it there? If you've been there more than once, is it better or worse than it was 5-10 years ago?

How is the infrastructure? (roads, electricity, drinkable water, etc.)

Is poverty really that bad?

What is the crime situation? I've read some pretty ghastly reports about the crime rate there. Is it getting worse or coming down? Is this fair? I wouldn't be based in Caracas, where most of the crime seems to be. Is it safer anywhere else in the country?

Is the government or security officials corrupt? Or incompetent?

Which areas do you like best, if anywhere at all?

Please, no political comments about anyone's government.


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    There is an advisory for all americans not to travel to Venezuela due to the fact that Hugo Chavez hates all americans, especially Bush. Venezuela is a marvelous country but now with Chavez in power (and he pretends to stay more years as a dictator) I wouldnt go there even if they offer me a very high salary. Crime rate is quite high and people tend to live in compunds with a lots of security. There is a high rate of people wanting to flee Venezuela because of the lack of independency and liberty (Chavez!) they are living now. Caracas or not Caracas, Chavez is still the president of all Venezuela and I wouldnt go there simply because of that. Personally I know a family who has cattle there, a dairy products factory and Chavez is taking away most of their land to give it to "poor" meaning someone from his government will have this factory. He is a communist and wants to make another Cuba in Venezuela.

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  • Alej
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    1 decade ago

    The economy is not stable. We have had a lot of inflation lately even though the government lowered taxes.

    It's getting worse because PDVSA is having financial problems.

    It's a lot worse than 10 years ago and very insecure.

    There's a new viaduct but the roads in Caracas are very bad.

    Poverty is really bad. (From the freeway Francisco Fajardo you can see people living in the Guaire river and under bridges)

    Basic services are cheap and available in big cities.

    I just read in the paper that kidnapping grew 419% in 8 years. (El Universal. page 4-15)

    There is a lot of corruption and incompetent goverment officials.

    But other than that I still love this country! It's very beautiful and has many places to visit like the beaches, the amazon rain forest, the Andes mountains, etc..

    By the way there is a warning on the US embassy's web site. And be carefull at the airport because there is a gang that follows and robs turists.

    Source(s): Live there
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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi! I live in Venezuela and I can tell you or anybody else that this is a great country to live. You can find anything you need. It is very modern (most cities). You couldn't feel any bored because there are many places to go: natural places (great beaches, cool mountains, deserts, rivers, jungle). Lots of malls, discos, movie theaters, parks, etc. Economy is not that bad, depending on the job you have.

    To survive here (in a decent way and alone, not in the capital) you will need to earn around 2 millions Bolivares a month. That's less than 1000$. If you have the chance to earn more, even better. The best and safer cities are: Maracay, Barquisimeto (where I live), Puerto Ordaz, San Cristobal, Merida, Trujillo (the last 3 ones are part of the Andes). If you're coming to any of these cities you should ask your employer about a good place to live. Private villages are the best. In most cities, the east and centre town areas are the best.

    Most roads, avenues and streets are in good conditions. Services are good and cheap (electricity,water, telephone, cellphone, cable tv, internet, gas). We have also good tranportation means. Most public buses work until 10 pm. Taxis 24 hours a day.

    The president says nonsenses everytime he can, but most of us just don't pay any attention to him. I have to confess that I hate him like I have never hated anyone before. He's a corrupt, and we all hope he will not live for long :) But as you're gonna be here for around a year and a half, I guess you're not gonna have any problem.

    You will need to speak Spanish and the more fluent the better. I say so because there are thieves (as in any other place in this world) and they like to steal people with a foreign accent. Of course, you will find people who will offer their help in anything you need not to get lost here (as i usually do). If you have any other doubt or question, you can contact me at: I'll be pleased to help you.

    You can also check the U.S. Embassy web page in Venezuela:

    They have English and Spanish versions and they will provide you any kind of help you may need.

    Good luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    i admire Venezuela effective -- basically their "el presidente" on the 2d i'm not very prepared on.... he's nearly a fruit loop. yet, that has little or no to do with my opinion of Israel, one way or the different. @Pluto -- humorous math is humorous. Or --- could that be Algebra?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I used to live there but the thing is that like you said, a lot of things have happened and everything's different. My family who live there are kinda spliut up over the whole situation so im really not sure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get out of Venezuela ASAP.

    They don't welcome foreigners, they don't welcome workers or investors.

    They want the economy to crash, so everybody depends on the state (like cuba).

    You will find your assets seized, your home robbed.

    By the way it is rumoured that Chavez pays people to surf the internet all day to whitewash him when someone posts something against him/communism.

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