what is name of ten famous man & woman in our planet?

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    Just _any_ famous men & women? No particular specifications, like the -top- 10, or anything like that? Okay...


    1. Toby McGuire

    2. Tony Blair

    3. David Beckham

    4. David Bowie

    5. George W. Bush (you didn't say they had to be popular - just famous <G>)

    6. Frank Sinatra

    7. John Travolta

    8. Pierce Brosnan

    9. Kevin Richardson (BSB)

    10. A Martinez ("Santa Barbara", "LA Law")


    1. Oprah - of course

    2. Hillary Clinton

    3. Madonna

    4. Terry Schiavo (much to her chagrine, or so it would have been had she known about her impending fame when she was still alive)

    5. Princess Di

    6. Sheena Easton

    7. Amelia Earhardt

    8. Pocahontas

    9. Sigourney Weaver

    10. Anna Nicole Smith

    (or do they all have to be alive?)

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    1 decade ago


    1. Bill Clinton

    2. Tony Blair

    3. David Beckham

    4. Daniel Radcliffe

    5. George W. Bush

    6. Steve Waugh

    7. Michael Jackson

    8. Dan Brown

    9. Tiger Woods

    10. Ricky Pointing


    1. Oprah Winfrey

    2. Hillary Clinton

    3. Madonna

    4. Britney Spears

    5. Princess Diana

    6. J.K Rowling

    7. Serena Williams

    8. Shakira

    9.Angelina Jolie 10.Jane Austen

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    i will just write the first international ten that pop into my mind :

    1. Madonna

    2. George Bush

    3. David Beckham

    4. Ronaldinio

    5. Bill Gates

    6. Dalai Lama

    7. Queen Elizabeth

    8. Vladimir Putin

    9. Angelina Jolie

    10. Tom Cruise

    (if i reanswered your question, i believe that some of them would be different....)

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    I believe that you can't really decide it yourself, it has to do with the world population's input to. For example, a preteen or teenager might put this:

    1. JK Rowling

    2. Blake Lewis

    3.Adam Sandler

    4.Dane Cook

    5.David Beckam

    6.Derek Jeter

    7.Alex Rodriguez

    8.Tiki Barber

    9.Jim Finn

    10.Daniel Radcliffe

    Once again, it requires the input of the e.n.t.i.r.e. WORLD to figure out who the most famous are. Until then, we just have to guess. :)

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    Think of different fields of work or activity, and choose people from the fields: as in the names suggested below:

    # Abdul Kalam.

    # Sachin Tendulkar.

    # Shilpa Shetty.

    # Fowler.

    # Anjolie Ela Menon.

    # Beckam.

    # Mosen. M.

    # Venus Williams.

    # Sunita Williams.

    # Dan Brown.

    Another approach is, choose people from different continents, different countries. You could also list living people, and people from the past: men and women, and ........oh, there are so many, the planet is lucky to have so many greats, in all times and ages, and in different fields, in different parts of the world!

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    culubus, gorgge washington, gandi, Rosa parks, mlk, sundan hussaam brad pitt, bush( not really) , tigger woods

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    I love you Shah, but the is too long a response. ha, ha

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