Please answer this survey for me...It's for sociology class and i need 20 complete by Monday!?

Cochlear Implants

This survey is for my sociology class where I am doing a report about cochlear implants. I am comparing the ideas and opinions formed based on up-bringing and the understanding of Deaf Culture.

1. What is your hearing status?

2. What devices, if any do you use to assist you with your hearing on a daily basis?

3. What type of school did you attend? (Mainstream, Private, Institution, Residential, etc.)

4. Do you know anyone with a cochlear implant?

5. Do you agree with implantation of infants and young children (under age 6)?

6. Do you agree with implantation for older children (ages 6-12)?

7. Do you agree with implantation for teenagers (13-19)?

8. Do you agree with implantation for adults?

9. Have you heard anything, positive or negative about the actual benefits of a Cochlear Implant?

10. What is your general opinion on the implants?

11. Would you be implanted if you had the option?

12. What if you were implanted as a child?

13. Would you want to go back in time and be implanted as a child or infant?

14.Would you implant your child?

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    Try the Polls & Surveys section. Or the Cultures category?

    1. Hearing, but I know ASL.

    2. N/A

    3. Public/Mainstream

    4. No.

    5. No.

    6. No.

    7. No.

    8. Yes. If you want an implant at this point in your life, that's your business.

    9. I hear that they are supposed to help the Deaf better fit in to a hearing society. But I believe that they are a hindrance. The Deaf culture is a beautiful thing. Society is no more 'hearing' than it is white, blonde, and heterosexual.

    10. Read above. ^

    11. No.

    12. There would be nothing I could do about it. But I would strive to learn Sign Language and incorporate myself into Deaf culture.

    13. No.

    14. No.


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