DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)...particularly TX?

In order to apply for my visa at the French Consulate in Houston, I have to show that I either study OR live in TX, AR, or OK. I want to get a TX ID Card. I have a drivers license in NM. I do not want to have to surrender my NM license (It's the best state in the union). I can provide the required documents, listed on the TX DMV site, to get an ID card without having to show my license. I will be living in Houston with family before my departure to France. My questions:

Is it possible to have a license in one state and get an ID in another state?

If I manage to do that, will it disable any ID or license from another state?

Do they have a system that shows if you have a license or ID in another state to where I won't be able to get it unless I surrender my NM license?

If I absolutely have to surrender my NM license, I will just get a TX drivers license. No sense in me getting an ID card.

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    Well, I am from Washington State, (I personally think that it is the best state in the union!) I got a driver's license in Washington and I had to get a Texas DL when I purchased my car in Texas for the insurance. My then boyfriend was able to get a Texas ID card and he had a GA driver's license, so you can do it you need to bring in 2 forms of ID and don't take your New Mexico Driver's License with you they will take it like they took mine and they will send it back to New Mexico and you will have to go back to New Mexico and get another one. It didn't disable his driver's license and when he got pulled over the police in Downtown Houston took both ID's but they did not punsih him because it was a ID card and one was a Driver licence. I hope that I helped!

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    I refuse to flow. In my homeland, we've a place referred to as MVD convey the place you may get particularly some the amenities presented with the aid of the state's motorcar branch in spite of the shown fact that it expenses greater. i'm keen to pay the better $35 or regardless of to get in and out in 10 minutes particularly of being there hours. My time is effective. as properly, this time of 365 days a million/2 the folk on the motorcar Dept. are ill and coughing up germs in each single place. Ugh! i'm no hypochondriac yet i don't sense like status in line for an prolonged time and, whilst i ultimately score a chair, having to take a seat down next to somebody that looks like a cat attempting to cough up a hairball. OMG, that wasn't YOU became into it?

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