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Girls... Help me out?

My best friend and myself are very close. we tell each other everything, but itold her that i really really care for her. she told me that she doesnt want a relationship because shes been hurt before. the one guy i got in a fight with because he called her a s*u* so i layed him out right there, but wat i need help with is getting her to trust in me, i told her that just because shes been hurt before doesnt mean it has to happen again. PLZ HELP


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    Check my answer on your other post.

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    Wow...she is very lucky to have you in her life, I think you are a great guy. Maybe she just needs more time. All you need to do right now is show her that you care by spending more time with her and maybe getting her a small gift.

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    if shes not ready for a relationship dont force her. it could also be that she just isnt interested. however you sound like a really nice guy. maybe you should prove to her that your not gonna break her heart by sending her flowers or doing something that makes her feel special =) good luck

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    give her time.

    for now, just be there for her.

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