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Yahoo Lottery International Inc. Real or scam?Have 72 hours to reply.?

Is it real or not? I won " 250,000 pounds sterling "

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    it is a scam ........................ ll

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    SCAM!!! All of those are a scam...I got one and it was some powerball thing in london so I called the directly and there was even a recording on there that explained the scam and how if you really won they would never notify you by email, put the winning number on, and the best part was they said that if you never actually entered there was no way for you to win! Watch don't respond to that one and you will start getting all kinds of them...Microsoft, Pepsi but they are all in pound and huge amounts of money...They want you to respond give them info and then you gotta pay some "courier service" like $600 to get your money that you will never get....Don't fall for it!

  • Jason
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    Its a SCAM..

    Think about it.. If you won a Lottery... Anywhere in the WORLD..... Don't you think they would fly you out there so, they can have you on TV and whatever else...

    Think about it.. Here in the US.. If anyone wins anything even near a million.. Its all over the newspapers and TV...

    There probley going to try and steal your identity or after you fill out Payment Processing.. There going to say please send us (about) $5,000 for the taxes and processing fees...

    So, I wouldn't do anything but, just ignore them.. Or write back and say.. Send me the money and I'll send you the info back once I received it..

    They will never answer you back.. and I would try and call you Internet provider and tell them about it...

    Good luck with everything and let us know what happens...


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    if u really won something the time limit wouldnt be so short like 72 hours. thats just the hook to get your money stay away. money doesnt come easy you have to work for it. scam..buddy

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  • Mike
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    Scam scam scam scam scam.

    These are all old scams... they are about as old as the Internet itself.

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    It's a scam. First clue, I'll bet you didn't enter...

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    it is a scam

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