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Rate my Madden 07 Roster???

I just wanted to know if i had a good roster??


QB: M. Vick and V. Young

HB: A. Thomas, M. Barber, and R. Bush

FB: M. Alstott

WR: J. Porter, R. Moss, A. Johnson and E. Berlin

TE: T. Stewart and T. Gonzales

LT: Q. Mitchell, T. Wharton, and S. Wand

LG: D. Buenning, R. Seubert, J. Goodwin

C: G. Ruegamer and B. Meester

RG: C. Douglas

RT: D. Mcintosh

LE: K. Udeze and J. Verdon

RE: J. Green and R. Truluck

DT: A. Adams, H. Thomas and S. Payne

LOLB: I. Reese, P. Thomas, and E. Henderson

MLB: E. Barton and K. Lewis

ROLB: C. Clemons

CB: D. Macklin, W. Harris, D. Starks, and F. Washington

FS: M. Williams and C. Brown

SS: J. Phillips and T. Cross

K: P. Dawson

P: S. Lechler

Im new to madden so i would really appreciate it if u guys rate my team. Thanx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I spent a whole lot of time writting out an answer to a question of yours that got removed. So I will cut and paste here because I put much thought in to it.

    Wow, what an attitude.

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    They all learned English. No one translated things for them.

    They spoke their language at home until my mom was 5 years old. My grandmother was a one room school teacher that went village to village to teach.

    By the way all my grandparents came from Sweden.

    My opinion is that our country is the land of oppertunity.

    But, I would like to point out the word "illegal"

    Whats wrong with legally coming to the States? Is it ok for some things that are illegal are acceptable to be legal?

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    We need to STOP translating English in to many languages. Especially Spanish. I go to the store now and I have to LOOK for the english words on the products. My sister taught elementry school to children who spoke spanish. She said that is the worst thing to do. These kids never really enter the American world. They are not prepared for High School or College. Being so nice is really hurting those we cater to.

    Our country is going broke financing education and businesses for illegal immigrents. Lets have a program where they sign up and they have the oppertunity to become LEGAL. If they don't comply, then they will be asked to leave.

    Have you ever noticed that NO one sneeks in to the countries like China or Mongolia or an improvished African or South American country? Hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder why?

    We can't go back, those of us who have been here for generations. We can't change history. If we were accountable for the past, then I would be punished for my ansestors raping and pilaging the coast of europe and south. Honest I had nothing to do with it.

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    BTW Historicans are discovering that the American Indians traveled over the Bering Straight from Russia and Mongolia. They eventually settled in North America.

    Thus, how far back do we go and make people accountable for their treck to other places for the sake of surrival?

    With this logic- the American Indians need to be sent back across the Bering Straight and then each person in this country be sent back from where they came.....eventually the land would be free from all humans. Anthropologists believe that all life came from northern Africa- egypt- greece and spreading out from there. Shall we all go back to the beginning. I have established that it is unreasonable to relocate all who have Immigrated from anywhere until we are all piled up in one place.

    No one can deny that attrosities have happened all over the world that need righting. It just isn't possible.

    The here and now is important. We have the power to have a fair and reasonable way to handle these issues .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need L.T. at HB

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