Detail for connecting 3 no's of 3 way ( 4 terminal )switches for controlling a single light from 3 locations i

Of the 3 switches noted above,2 of the switches are connected with 3 wires including a live wire (say red,black,red)from the supply & the third switch is connected with 4 wires (say,black) to complete the circuit.The eart/nuetral wire is connected to the lamp directly.& the lamp can b switched on or off from any of the 3 switches located at three different locations in the building..

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    Each 3-way swt has 1 screw that says common.The other 2 screws are for travelers.

    The common screw will have a hot on 1 end and the swt-leg on the other end.It does not matter which screw you place the travelers on.

    Now the other swt w/4 screws is called a 4-way.This is where the travelers from each swt split.You will need to put 1 set of travelers on top 2 screws the other set on bottom 2 not cross the pairs.

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    Check the link.

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    make a drawing, do you own homework.


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