My husband is a pediatric nurse & certified teacher (K-12). Any jobs available that integrate both?

He has 19 years teaching experience (everything from secondary science & math to 10 years in a one-room school). He has 2 years experience nursing. He is fabulous with kids newborn to teenage-- very nurturing and affirming & has great references. He is a nature lover & doesn't want to live or work in a major city.

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    there are high school courses which his expierence as a nurse would help. Classes like "Health Sciense Technology" and other nursing directed-classes in most pubilc high schools would love a person like your husband.

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    Has he considered working in special education or as a school nurse? Both are high demand professions so he should do what makes him feel fulfilled.

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    he's a nurse and he wants to teach and get paid mimimum wage? tell him to work his *** off for 15 years and save lots of money and retire and teach ..

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    There's a few links on my homepage.

    Google advertises positions constantly,

    don't have much control on selection.

    Might work. Maybe.


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    He could be a SUPER TEACHER! If one of his students gets sick, he could see if there IS something wrong!

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