What is the definition of a HOOD RAT?

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    1. 1. A person (usually a female) who exhibits a trashy or triflin demeanor. Their appearance and hygiene is usually unkempt and they are very promiscuous and often don’t use protected sex. They can be aggresive and are usually found in the “ghetto” (a car wash or park) or other poor environments (usually on the front porch) being unproductive to society living off Gov. aid. These type people are content with how they live and enjoy getting high and drunk on a regular bases. A female hood rat will be dressed wearing: store brought, colored, contact lenses, house shoes or flip flops; a nappy, blond or red weave; tasteless, faded and cut-up short shorts, a revealing top or jersey dress, and plastered with tattoos of baby daddies. A male hood rat will be dressed wearing: a funk that will knock your socks off; an Xtra long white dirty t-shirt big enough to cover a bed mattress; big heavy duty boots or 100 dollar tennis shoes (he probably spent his entire check to buy) and a plaque infested gold grill. Not all black people act like that, neither do people who live in impoverished environments! Some of them want out!

    Source(s): urban dictionary
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    Most of the answers you received are ridicules! Hood rat is a slang word mostly pertaining to females not just black females it could be used to describe a neighborhood slut it could be used to describe a women on drugs ,a prostitute a low class stripper i can go on and on but it doesn't stop at one race I have came across a lot of white hood rats. And a thug is usually the guy that will never amount to anything this is you drug dealers, gang-bangers ,robbers are thief's on on and on but they are not all black people

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    A girl in the Hood that gets around.

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