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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetOther - Computers · 1 decade ago

Raining Effect on Windows Movie Maker?

Im making a video on Windows Movie Maker, and I need to add a raining effect.

where can i get this???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What you're gonna need is a new transition. You can create your own effects and transitions! Just follow the instructions

    1. Go to your C drive.

    2. Go to Program Files

    3. Locate the movie maker or windows movie maker folder.

    4. Locate the "shared" folder.

    5. Create a new folder by right clicking in the shared folder. Name it "AddOnTFX."

    6. Now you have a new folder you will need. Now copy this code:

    <TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0">


    <TransitionDLL guid="{9A43A844-0831-11D1-817F-0000F87557DB}" >

    <Transition name="Comp A add B" iconid="0" comment="DXCOMPFUNC_A_ADD_B">

    <Param name="Function" value="9" />


    <Transition name="Comp B add A" iconid="0" comment="DXCOMPFUNC_B_ADD_A">

    <Param name="Function" value="25" />





    7. Open Notepad by going to Start, All Programs and Accessories and find Notepad if you aren't sure how to find it.

    8. Paste the code on Notepad.

    9. Go to "Save As" under "File" in the Notepad.

    10. In the "Save As" dialog box, find the "AddOnTFX" folder in the "Shared" folder in your movie maker or windows movie maker folder that is located in Program Files.

    11. In the "Save As Type" field in the Save As dialog window, use the drop down arrow and select "All Files."

    12. Now name your file "Comp A add B.xml" Must be spelled exactly the same way and must be a capital C for Comp. Must also add the xml extension. We want it to be a xml file. If you do not add the xml extension, it will be a txt file.

    13. Leave the Encoding field alone as it is.

    14. Now click "Save" and close up Notepad.

    15. Open up windows movie maker and go to the transitons pane.

    16. Look for the transitions, "Comp A add B" and "Comp B and A." If it not there, make sure you did follow the above instructions as exactly stated and also make sure you close up then restart windows movie maker. If still a problem, email me.

    17. Now download the rain effect from here Save it wherever you want to save it on your computer where you can find it. Email me if you need me to upload it to another uploading site and let me know what uploading site usually works for you.

    18. Get your video clip you want to put the effect on and the video of the rain effect you just downloaded and saved and put them in your timeline

    19. Now drag the Comp A add B or Comp B add A (either one will work) and put it between the clips.

    20. Drag the transition to the left over the first clip but do not drag it over too far or the transition will disappear. While the rain effect video doesn't last long, you can copy the rain effect video and paste it after the original rain effect video and keep going til you feel the effect lasts long enough. Combine the rain effect videos by highlighting the clips. Then hold down ctrl and select "Combine" under "Clip" in windows movie maker. Now your rain effect video is longer in length! You can now just drag the Comp A add B or Comp B add A to the left over the first clip as long as you want and you got a rain effect for your video clip! Oh yeah, if you do not see the Comp A add B or Comp B and A, be sure to close down windows movie maker and restart before finding it again.

    I know it's an awful a lot of steps but once you get used to it, it won't be so bad. You can find other effects at or here If you need to request an effect or new transition, you can register and join the forum to ask. It's quick, easy and free!

    The clip will be a little blue as it seems but it'll be still easy to see the video you wanted to use.

    Email me at if you have any questions, problems or need more help.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Windows Movie Maker cannot add in custom effects, sorry but theres not much you can do, try searching for another video editor, if you have a mac, I hear they have a good software already installed

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