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The sight of food is making me feel really ill today. I can't stand it. Why could this be?

I have people bugging me to eat. I haven't eaten much today. I feel like there is no room in my stomach when I look at food. Any reason why?


Thank you atgbayarea.

A-mac. NO. I am 100% sure I that I am NOT PREGNANT! LOL.

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    Do you keep a food/liquid intake journal? Start one and see the root of what is it you fill your body with that makes you feel like there is no room. If your well below your weight category for your height, and are not taking in the appropriate amount of calories per day, you should follow this up w/ your primary md or find an eating program resource at your hospital...its usually free. Get to the bottom of this before you develop an unhealthy regimen or worse...

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    I get like that sometimes too. If it only lasts a few days, then I think that you are okay. If it goes on for a long time, then I think you might want to go to a doctor. If you are a girl... could you pregnant???

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