Child support & termination of parental rights for the state of Indiana?

Ok, here goes! My kids are 7 & 10. There "dad" is ordered child support that he hasn't paid in 3 years & 3 months, over $15,000! The only time he has seen them in this time is when his mom picked them up to have them for holidays. His mother passed awayin March, so we've not heard anything from anyone in his family now! His cell phone that I used to be able to reach him on was paid for by his mom, so he no longer has it either! He has a warrant for not paying, but noone can find him. Family support won't go back to court until he's picked up on it! He works for cash so we can't trace him! His sister says he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, but she has no info (right!). He's living with his girlfriend so everything is in her name! Guess what, no one knows her last name (yeah right!). We offered him to sign over rights so my husband can adopt but he "loves" them to much! HAHA! I feel like I've exhausted all of my options! Anyone else have any ideas! Thanks!

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