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Is it true that if someone goes to Cuba he/she will not be allowed to travel in the US ever (or vice versa)?!?

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    I'm Canadian and I've been to Cuba twice. I Travel to the US frequently, and work for a US Company and never have I had a problem.

    Generally the Cubans stamp a paper slip and put that inside your passport instead of actually stamping your passport. I requested that they stamp my passport because I disagree with the US embargo. (As do many Americans)

    As a Canadian, flying from and returning to Canada I can't possibly see why the Department of Homeland Security, the US Treasury department or whoever would have any interest in my Cuban vacations or even if they did I'm sure it would be one giant jurisdictional headache to sort out. I'm sure they would see it as not worth their time.

    If you are not familiar with the James Sabzali story there is a link below. In that instance a Canadian Businessman was charged with violating the U.S. embargo against Cuba. And while his case is extreme, I would hardly think that they would find it worth while to try to prosecute a non-American for a simple vacation when all they could pin on Mr. Sabzali was one count of smuggling resulting in one year probation and a $10,000 fine (after an eight year legal battle). BTW, Mr. Sabzali was selling water purification chemicals to Cuba. Good thing they put a stop to that!

    If you are an American that's a different story, then you would be subject to US laws. It would seem that stopping Americans traveling to Cuba is a bigger priority for Homeland Security that catching Osama Bin Laden:

    "Did you know Bush has ten times as many Homeland Security staff involved in tracking Americans who go to Cuba without licenses than he allocates to finding Osama Bin Laden (Bin Laden staff: two; anti-Cuba staff: twenty)?"

    Edit: Redhead - the 6 month restriction applies to ships. Under the Helms Burton Act any ship that has been to a Cuban port is barred from entry into US ports for six months. Also, under the same act executives from multi-national corporations that trade with Cuban companies can be barred from entry into the US. As for indiviuals, regular people that spent a week or two at a resort, I don't think any of it applies. See below from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Intenational Trade.

    "People residing in the United States, including Canadian citizens, are subject to US law regarding travel to Cuba. According to US law, they are prohibited from spending money (in any currency) relating to Cuban travel unless they are licensed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Furthermore, they can be fined if they travel to Cuba and get caught without a licence from the OFAC." The restrictions only apply if you are American or live in the US.

    If you have any source that states otherwise please post it. Also, your number of US travellers is well below other estimates.

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    If your a US citizen you're not allowed to travel to Cuba due to the embargo. Unless you have family there ( on a limited basis). What happens if your caught? A large fine, until recently it wasn't that enforced. Still wanna go? Travel thru a third country ( Mexico or Canada). And when you get to Cuba don't let them stamp your passport!

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    If you are a US citizen and you travel to Cuba, you will be arrested upon re-entry to the US. Currently, US citizens are forbidden to travel to Cuba without expressed permission from the State Department. If your from another country and you happen to have visited Cuba in the past you should be fine to enter the US and vacation etc.

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    I don't believe you are allowed to travel to Cuba...from the US that is... I am a Cuban-American and I have family in Cuba. I am allowed to travel there once every 3 years, is the new rule. But if you wanted to travel as a tourist, you will probably have to enter thru another country, such as Dominican Republic or one of the islands, etc. But to answer your question, if you visit Cuba, that does not mean you cannot visit US territory again, if I understood your question correctly.

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    If you have been to Cuba - you cannot go to USA for 6 months - that is why Cuba does not stamp your passport.

    I know up to 20,000 Americans visited Cuba last year - going through either Mexico, Canada or another country

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    As an American, it is generally illegal to go. But you can simply go through Cancun or Mexico City. Travel agency in Mexico can help you. Would be nice if the U.S. would invade Cuba, kill the commies, and take over.

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    I dont know about that but I do know that you cannot travel there directly from the US. If you were to go through Mexico, Canada(most people go from here) or Jamaica you can get to Cuba.

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    NO. It's not true but there are rules and regulations.

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    travel from venezuela or canada

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    No that's not true.

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