how to beat the internal revenue service?

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    Don't make any money. That way there's nothing to tax.

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    How to beat the internal revenue service?

    When my clients ask this question, there are two possible situations. One they are in big trouble. Or they just want financial and tax planning advice. I am a tax pro (did 650 returns) and financial advisor (15 years). Without knowing your situation, I will not advice you on financial and tax planning.

    Thereby, I would assume that you are in trouble:

    Although I represent some people to the IRS, I still like the following site:

    They tell you what to do when you are in trouble.

    The best book out within the site is "Stand Up to the IRS".

    It is easy to read and understand book for the beginners. They tell you the procedures and your rights. They even have sample letters.

    Of course their "Surviving an IRS Tax Audit" is good as well (if you are the lucky ones who will go through the audit.)

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    Either you read tax law till you are sick of it and arrange your affairs to take advantage of tax breaks. That is what I do. It pays very good. Or you find a really, really good CPA to advise you. These are hard to find. Don't fall for the beat the IRS schemes. These will get you into big trouble. The penalties are not worth it.

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    That was the come on line for the corporate relays in New York several years ago. "Here's your chance to beat the IRS." Even at track the IRS had some really fast guys and usually did pretty well.

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    First of all there are many professors of ideology that seem to believe for example that you do not have to pay taxes and otherwise. Beat them at undermining and you most likely would hope to beat someone else. You might get away with that one.

    Your question is odd? And may refer to many things as you probably know. Based on the first response "beat them at what?" tells you like it is. Are you in trouble, do you have to go to an audit and don't believe everything you read in those books. I have seen nice auditors and I have seen ones that would rather put you in jail as soon as look at you. Don't ever believe everything you read in books, cause as I say over and over, every, and I mean every, situation differs just like every IRS inquiry, IRS audit, State Inquiry, or State audit. They could be just having a bad day and you're the one who just "happened" to be in the wrong place at the right time.

    Remember, as Dr. Einstein so eloquently put it, the most complex thing there is, is the income taxes. Why is that? Simple, every situation differs. Every rule, every law, every inquiry, every audit, every auditor, every person, every business, every income level, every single one of the factors to play in this game we call the IRC (Internal Revneue Code) and not to mention the State tax codes.

    There are many ways to beat the tax departments if you want to go to jail that is. So go ahead give it a try; many are in FCI's (aka Federal Prison) or State Prisons for believing they can get away with most everything. And some have been based on books recommending it. Poor saps.

    And as the one "financial advisor" relates you may very well be in trouble and if you are and we have been in more audits than you can count, most likely if you're in trouble with the Feds, and they have evidence, in most cases, guess what? FCI here we come.

    But if you ask us, his only goal is to sell you on his firm and books that profess to know everything there is about the tax law and otherwise. Really, 650 returns are not that many. With clients in over 25% of the US, and a good majority of them Corporate, it doesn't take long at all to do that many returns. To give you an example, I once worked for a Firm in the State of Utah, and we had over 800 clients. Many of them Corporate and by most means of the word, that was still considered a "small" firm. Would we ever recommend those books, well, I think you get the idea.

    Why? Well haven't you heard, the Federal Conviction rate is 90% and more. Aka they dont' just pick on you when they file charges.

    PS? Remember the Federal Manadatory Minimum Guidelines. Aka, after PSI (Federal Pre-Sentence Investigation) 99% of the time, they will not and I repeat once again, will not lower depart on the guidelines which in 99% of all cases means Minimum FCI time.

    If you're in trouble suggest you get very good attorney. You're going to need it because in many cases that result in charges, chances are no one can help you; but they may minimize the damages; if you're lucky. I have seen people spend their entire savings, their house sold and otherwise and guess where they are today? You guessed it. And if the IRS doesn't get you, don't worry the state won't have as much to prove. Now why do they put all those mentions on those state sites aka this guy is in jail etc. Oh that is right, they tried to be the tax departments. How foolish of us to think otherwise.

    With clients in over 25% of the US. Reality is hard to bear at times but nevertheless it is reality. We pray you are not in trouble because this will not be an easy row to hoe.

    Thank you. I remain


    Wayne Barney


    BC Business Services, Inc.

    Quality Financial Services Since 1994 with Clients in over 25% of the United States.

    1877-343-5147 Toll Free


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    1 decade ago

    Beat them at what?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ask those dudes in the federal penitentiary,lol.

  • 1 decade ago

    File a true and correct tax return.


    Pray you don't get caught.

    Source(s): Tax CPA
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    1 decade ago

    When they come to audit you, punch them in the nose.

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