MEN & BOYS: Why wear Thong Underwear and/or Swimwear?

I'm seeking to conduct some (very) informal research on the topic and wonder what are some of the many reasons that women and girls wear thong underwear and/or swimwear.

I'm seeking serious answers from those with firsthand experience, not a "well they must be..." or "I would never..." or the like. To assist with demographic classification, also please include age or age range in answers.

(WOMEN & GIRLS: See my other question on the same topic.)


Surveys consistently put the male thong-wearing population at 4%. This means that for every 100 male readers of this question, 4 are likely to be wearing thongs at the time. 4,000 men and boys for every 100,000 male readers. That said, this question should have garnered many answers.

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    I'm a guy & I wear thongs and I don’t think much about it. If people have very little to do or are so insecure about their sexuality, then that’s their business. In addition, women have & continue to break the double standards than have been imposed on them by men & it’s time that us men do the same. If a lot of women wear thongs and find them very comfortable, why can’t men?

    I don’t wear thongs because of their looks or because I care about what people in general, fashion designers, & fashion critics think that is “in” or “out.“ In fact, I agree with women when they say that boxers briefs are the best looking underwear for men & that thongs look ugly on MOST (not all) men. Most men don’t have the nice butt shape to look good in thongs. But since I wear all of my underwear under my pants or shorts & I don’t walk around in my underwear, especially in public, I pick my underwear based on comfort & not what’s fashionable, masculine or feminine.

    I wear thongs because of their unmatched support & because I personally think that thongs are the most comfortable type of underwear you can wear. Thongs give me the best support, in particular during sport activities, almost as if I was wearing a jock strap but a WHOLE LOT more comfortable. Once you have picked the right size, style, & material & you’ve worn them for a little while, they feel so comfortable that you hardly even feel, if at all.

    I don't mean to discuss anyone, but for me, a huge reason why I love them so much is because they help prevent what I call “SBS” (Sticky Balls Syndrome), which is the sticky feeling that comes from your sweaty scrotum touching your inner thighs. I think that that sticky sensation is VERY uncomfortable! With the right thongs, you don't suffer from SBS. I don't know how most guys can live with SBS. I guess they don’t know any better. I didn’t & I would still be in the dark it if wasn’t for an ex-girlfriend who worked at Frederick’s of Hollywood. She literally made me wear them for a couple of weeks to try them out; but that‘s a different story. All I can say is that once you go with no SBS for a while, you never want to go back to it.

    Some people feel that men shouldn't wear thongs, but I don't see why. People put too much importance on underwear. I guess that some people are homophobic & think that men who wear thongs are gay or feminine, as if the type of underwear you wear makes you more or less of a man. Dhaaa! I don’t suffer from homophobia & I’m VERY secured about my masculinity & sexuality to worry about little stuff like that.

    Ironically, there's a western gay bar by my home, you should see some of the guys that go in & out of that place. Some look gay (totally feminine), some look like the average guy walking down the street, and quite a few look super, and I mean SUPER DUPER macho tough guys wearing western outfits. I’m not talking about some skinny guys, I’m talking about some well build guys. The build that you’d expect on a football player, construction worker, or cop. They look totally, 100%, MANLY MEN…and yet, they are gay! Clothes, in particular underwear, DO NOT make or break a man!

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    Male Thong Swimwear

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    MEN & BOYS: Why wear Thong Underwear and/or Swimwear?

    I'm seeking to conduct some (very) informal research on the topic and wonder what are some of the many reasons that women and girls wear thong underwear and/or swimwear.

    I'm seeking serious answers from those with firsthand experience, not a "well they must be..." or "I...

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    Male Thong Bathing Suits

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    without being homophobic... Im as str8 as they come and have worn thong underwear and bathing suits for years.

    Ive yet to have a girlfriend who didnt dig it.

    It goes without saying that "there is a time and place for everything" ... so wearing a thong (men or women) to a family beach or public pool or what ever is just not cool. But something like an adult only cruise or resort or private pool... hell yes.

    If a str8 guy cant have sexuality to be attractive to his woman or to attract women (how ever that is defined)... then its official: We have become a communist state.

    PS... being able to wear a thong comes with a price: if you are grossly overweight, do it in the privacy of your own home (and that should be for all clothes).

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    i think women wear thongs for a few reasons: for starters, if you're wearing tight fitting pants or a skirt, avoiding a visible pantyline is sought so that you can get that smooth finish and body silhouette. I'm sure some men wear thongs for the same reason. Secondly, I think that there seems to be some kind of sex appeal attached to thongs that make women prefer them especially if they know they're going to get laid- they'll save their best pairs for that. I know a lot of gay men wear thongs (my coworker is gay and he informs me of these things) and i'm sure it's for the same reasons women wear them. Look at international male catalog and see for youself. From a personal standpoint though, I used to wear thongs most of the time, but decided they're really not very comfortable. Plus studies have shown that thong underwear can spread bacteria from the anus to the vagina causing problems. Gross. I'm sure all the same applies for thong swimwear. If you have a great butt then ok, but some people really shouldn't wear thongs even if it's underneath clothing.

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    For me . I should choos the place wear I am going to wear a thong

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    I wear thongs so that I can wear certain clothes with out a pantyline. i.e. wearing fitted thin white pants. Pantlines draw bad attention to the bum!!

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    Interesting discussion!

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