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HP PSC 1315 "Check Print Cartridge"?

When I have both Ink cartridges in, I get the check print cartridge error pop up. My printer was working fine 3 nights ago, 2 nights ago I started having this problem. I took out the black ink cartridge, and I was able to print out some ink refill page the program popped up cause of the missing cartridge.

I called HP, my warranty is over. They want 36$ charge to fix this crappy 60$ printer, ugh.. sureeeeeeeee. Anyways if it printed in color, shouldn't it be an isolated problem with my black ink cartridge? or is it VERY possible the problem lies with my printer? The HP guy kept saying it was the printer and offering me TWO CHOICES, both choices I might as well buy a new printer. He claimed tech support could of helped me fix this problem over the phone.

Can someone give me some answers, please?

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    According to the user guide, the problem you're experiencing could be due to the following:

    Print cartridge access door might be open.

    • Close the access door.

    Print cartridges might be missing or not installed properly.

    • Re-insert the print cartridges and make sure they are properly seated.

    There might be a problem with the print cartridge.

    • Close the access door. If the light continues to blink, one of the print cartridges is defective.

    Do the following:

    1) Remove the black (or photo) print cartridge.

    2) Close the access door.

    If the "check print cartridge" light blinks, the tri-color print cartridge is defective and must be replaced.

    If the light does not blink, the black (or photo cartridge) is defective.

    In all probability, the contacts on the contact ribbon are not connecting properly. Take a common pencil eraser and rub lightly across the contacts on the ribbon to remove any contaminants or debris.

    Check the contacts inside the cartridge carrier to ensure that they're not dirty, bent or broken.

    You should also inspect the carrier itself. If the plastic frame is cracked or broken and the cartridge can wobble around, it will usually install without any trouble but when you close the access door the carriage immediately moves back into print-ready position. The cartridge will shift and break its' connection. This will cause these types of errors as well.

    If it's cracked or broken, go and get a new printer.

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    I suggest you to contact HP chat support to isolate the issue.

    HP chat support is free of cost. they will help you in isolating the issue.

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