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Oxygen "balls" for laundry?

A friend of mine told me that someone invented oxygen-generating balls that you drop into your laundry wash instead of using detergents. He said that the big companies shut the guy up before they got shut down by this invention. And in the last year or so I've noticed a lot of oxygen-focused laundry detergent ads on tv... Has anyone else heard of this invention or know where I can find info on it?


Ken E - That's funny because my friend said he saw this invention on tv years ago on something like Beyond 2000 or the New Inventors and it was the same show that came out a little later with the story on the guy getting shut down.

I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying we don't have enough information to draw a conclusion here. Without the details of the actual invention we could be missing some vital points.

Anyone can parrot a website but individuals have a responsibility to weigh up ALL the facts and come to a conscience-weighted conclusion.

I don't trust skepticism because it puts insecurity before common sense, which sabotages our efforts in improving our world.

Update 2:

Thank you both for the new information. Both answers together have given me a great idea.

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    I'm in Australia and these "oxygen balls" have been investigated here. They appeared on the market here about 10 years ago, perhaps a little more than that. They are a confidence trick and have little or no effect. The fact is that clothes washed in the normal way have a little detergent left in them from the previous wash. When washed again in plain water, with or without "oxygen balls" this remnant detergent foams up and does some cleaning. They were exposed as a fraud on TV here years ago.

    In fact, washing clothes in a washing machine without any soap or detergent at all will do some sort of a job of cleaning them.

    As a chemist I can tell you that there is zero possibility of these balls generating oxygen in a washing machine. If they could generate it from the water, they would also generate hydrogen, which is explosive when mixed with oxygen. Oxygen has no cleaning power, however it would act as a bleach.

    Laundry detergents are a mixture of several components. There are usually at least two surfactants, alkalies like washing soda or borax, absorbent clays like bentonite, fluorescent dyes and there is usually a mild peroxide as well. This breaks down to oxygen which has the bleaching effect.

    The laundry powder makers are merely promoting something that has been in their products for years. They might have "NEW" on the pack, but that just means recently manufactured.

    The site I am quoting is an Australian one.


    These laundry balls are "magnetic". Yeah, right. Pity most dirt is not attracted or repelled by magnets. The only reason they promote these things as "magnetic" or "oxygen" is that most people do not understand much about magnetism or chemistry, or have forgotten most of what they ever learned. Next thing will be "crystal vibrations" or "pyramid power".

    The story of the "big companies" shutting the guy up is absolutely typical of the promotions for things that don't actually work. Perpetual motion machines, gizmos you fit to your car to save fuel, electronic insect repellers and so forth. So is the fake science.

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    The two websites that I found are http://www.lifenatural.com/laundry.htm and

    http://www.laundryball.com.au/ though the latter one appears to be in Austrailia!

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